Ronald's Devon Yeo Roots

Stone Farm Stone Farm Stone Farm  

Stone Farm, Swimbridge, Devon

Stone Farm was the ancestral home of Ronald's family. It came into the family around 1580 and remained with them until the 1900's.

Stone is just south west of Gunn and its nearness to Stoke Rivers, West Buckland and East Buckland can be clearly seen on this map, although it came under the parish of Swimbridge. Which is why many events such as baptisms, deaths and marriages are recorded in these parishes.

1 John Yeo b: 1532 d: 1588
.... +Elizabeth Fortescue m: 22 Apr 1569 in Dolton

. 2 Henry Yeo b: 1572 d: 15 Apr 1642 in Swymbridge
....... +Elinor

..... 3 Thomas Yeo b: 27 Oct 1611 in Swimbridge, Devon
........... +Elizabeth Parkins m: 06 May 1645 in Swimbridge, Devon

......... 4 William Yeo b: Abt. 1651 in Chittlehampton, Devon
............... +Susanna Davey b: in South Molton m: 27 Feb 1682 in Chittlehampton

............ 5 William Yeo b: 01 Apr 1688 in Chittlehampton
.................. +Mary Fairchild m: 11 Apr 1708 in Landkey, Devon

................ 6 John Yeo b: 22 Jan 1719 in East Buckland, Devon
...................... +Joan Basthon

.................... 7 William Yeo b: 18 Dec 1753 in West Buckland d: in Swymbridge
.......................... +Ann Courtier m: 23 Mar 1776 in Stoke Rivers

....................... 8 James Yeo b: 28 Oct 1790 in Swymbridge d: 22 Sep 1875 in Swymbridge
............................. +Mary Chapple b: 1795 in Swimbridge, Devon

........................... 9 William Yeo b: 1831 in West Buckland, Devon d: 1915
................................. +Susan Dobbs b: 1831 in Tawstock, Devon m: 1861 in Tawstock,

............................... 10 Henry Yeo b: 1862 in Tawstock d: 1918 in Lancaster, Lancs
..................................... +Mary Buckingham b: 1861 m: 08 May 1889 in Landkey

.................................. 11 Winifred Ada Yeo b: 1890 in Stockport, Cheshire
........................................ +Mr Hearn m: 1917 in Camberwell, London

...................................... 12 Ronald Hearn

In 1524 Edmond Yeo, son of William Yeo and Ellen Grenville had the tenancy of Huish Manor.  His nephew, Leonard, son of Nicholas Yeo of Tavistock and Ms Lybbe, wanted sole tenancy of these lands having bought parts of them over a period of years. In 1544 Leonard purchased one third of the manor of Huish from Richard Bolles and Johanna his wife, Thomas and John Yeo, sons of Thomas Yeo, son of Edmond were appointed as Richard's attorneys. Leonard Yeo had acquired the money for these lands through marrying a rich widow, Arminella Broke., The other two thirds were inherited by Margaret Danvers and Thomas Whittington. That year, 1544, Silvester Danvers, son of Margaret sold Leonard his third share and in 1578 Leonard was able to buy another third from Thomas Throckmorton, whose wife was the heiress of the Whittingtons.

John Yeo & Elizabeth Fortescue - Generation 1 (Back to top)

John Yeo's death about 1563 led, some years later to his widow, Elizabeth (nee Fortescue)'s second marriage, to John Hurrell esq and the sale of their portions of Huish Barton to Leonard Yeo whose descendants lived there for many generations. After the family sold their shares in Huish Barton, they moved to Stone, West Buckland and Swimbridge, which are parishes very close to one another.

So in 1585 William & Roger Yeo, eldest sons of John and Elizabeth Fortescue, signed an assignment of lease of Huish Barton to Leonard. In 1587 Leonard's son George, made a grant and counterpart of annuity to Elizabeth Harrell (ne Fortescue), William and Roger Yeo, in consideration of the surrender of Huish Barton in exchange for lands in Swimbridge.  The deed was dated 1587 and from that date there has always been Yeos living in Swimbridge.  The initial properties were in East Buckland, which included Stone but Bydown was inherited through the female marriage of Roger Yeo to Katherine Smale. Elizabeth Fortescue was the daughter of William Fortescue of Buckland Fileigh and had an illustrious pedigree that goes back to Sir Richard le Fort who acquired the name of Fortescue of Strong Shield, through having protected William the Conqueror at Hastings. Elizabeth's Mother was Anne Giffard, daughter of Sir Roger Giffard of Brightley. 

In the Swimbridge Parish dated 1589, this entry appears, Birth : Richarde. "A base child born in Mr Hurells house at Stone and supposed to be the daughter of William Yeo".

John Hurrell's Will dated 29/12/1591, proved 3 May by Elizabeth Hurrell (formerly Yeo), mentions daughter in law Catherine Yeo who would have been wife to William. William Yeo of West Buckland left a Will proved 1632. An abstract has not been found and the will was probably lost in Exeter in 1942.

William married Catherine Harris b c1562 daughter of George Harris of W Buckland and had issue,

  • 1. Richarde illegitimate daughter of William, bapt 1589 at Swimbridge
  • 2. Alexander 1 bapt 2/3/1587 at Swimbridge, heir, married Susan Rosier.
  • 3. Eleanor bapt 3/1588 at Atherington
  • 4. Henry bapt 7/12/1589 at Atherington

There was also a third son, Henry who was born in 1572, son of John & Elizabeth nee Fortescue, in Huish, who would have been too young to have signed the above documents but whose descendants became the heirs to the Stone property.

Henry Yeo & Elinor - Generation 2 (Back to top)

Henry , the third son of John & Elizabeth Fortescue, born 1572 in Huish, married Eleanor and had issue,

  • Alexander 11 bapt 1602 at Swimbridge married Johane d 1672
  • Henry bapt 1608 at Swimbridge
  • Thomas bapt 1611 at Swimbridge.

Henry Yeo was granted lands at Goodleigh in 1595

Henry's will dated the 15th April1642. left to John Yeo, his children 12d each. To Thomas Joyce his children 12d each. Residue to Thomas Yeo his youngest son executor. Signed Henry Yeo. The will was proved at Barnstaple, 20 February, 1644 by Thomas Yeo, son and sole executor. (Archd. Of Barnstaple)

Their eldest son Alexander was baptised on the 19th September 1602, in Swimbridge and married Johan Martyn on the 6th July, 1641 in East Buckland. He lived at Stone, which is in Swimbridge, Devon, and died in 1663. He was not mentioned in his father's will because the estate had already been settled on him.

Alexander's will was proved 11 August 1663

To Henry Yeo my son £180 to be paid 2 years after my death. Also I bequeath to said Henry £7 is said Henry do go away and depart from his mother and do not live with her, to be paid yearly by my executor out of the two parts of the tenement wherein I now dwell called Stone, for all the term that shall be then to come in said tenement. To my brother Thomas Yeo 20s and my best suit of apparel throughout both woollen and linen. Residue to Johane Yeo, my wife

Witnesses Thomas Carder, John Laurentk Inventory £359. 4s 8d

Right and interest in a tenement called Stone £150. Farm Stock and household goods

Alexander witnessed his second cousin, Roger Yeo's Will in 1656. Alexander's gravestone can be seen in Swimbridge Churchyard, location Area A, Row 1, No. 8 from the left, backing onto the wall adjacent to the old school. Alexander's son, Henry, is also buried in the same grave, but as the ground has built up, the inscription for Henry is obscured. Henry, who died in 1718, left an estate in Stoke Rivers to his third wife, Sarah.

Alexander had one son, Henry whose son and heir, Alexander died before his father..

Thomas Yeo & Elizabeth Parkins - Generation 3 (Back to top)

Thomas was the youngest son of Henry and Elinor and was sole executor to his father, Henry's will. He is also mentioned in his brother, Alexander's will. Stone would have already been settled on Alexander, before his father's death and then it was passed to Alexander's son Henry. However Henry's son Alexander and sole heir died before his father and only had a daughter, so the property in 1717 would then have passed to William, son of Thomas.


William Yeo & Susanna Davey - Generation 4 (Back to top)

William, born around 1651 and married Susanna Davey in 1682 in Chittlehampton, and their seven children were all baptised there.

  • Susanna , baptised on the 3rd Feb 1683 in Chittlehampton.
  • Joanne baptised on the 1st Jan 1685 in Chittlehampton.
  • William baptised on the 1st April 1688 in Chittlehampton. He married Mary Fairchild on the 11th April 1708 in Landkey, Devon .
  • Elizabeth Yeo, baptised on the 11th May 1691 in Chittlehampton.
  • Roger Yeo baptised on the 18th February 1693 in Chittlehampton. He married (1) Wilmot Pincombe, (2) Mary Mills
  • Mary Yeo, baptised on the 8th October 1699 in Chittlehampton.


William Yeo & Mary Fairchild - Generation 5 (Back to top)

William married Mary Fairchild on the 11th April, 1708 in Landkey and the marriage licence has William Yeo of Swimbridge as guarantor.

William and Mary had four children, all baptised in East Buckland .

  • Fairchild (1711) married Amy Thorne
  • John (1719) married Joan Basthon
  • Margaret (1720), who married Daniel Delve
  • Mary (1723)

Fairchild married Amy Thorne and they had no children, but he left a will which helps to sort out the family connections.

Dated 1785 - he bequeathed:-

  • to nephew Henry of Stoke Rivers £5, (son of brother John, married Elizabeth Blackmore)
  • to Nephew Samuel £5, (son of John, married Joan Leworthy)
  • to grandnephew William son of nephew William of Stone in Swimbridge £5, (son of William Yeo & Ann Courtier)
  • nephew William Delve of East Down , blacksmith 50s, nephew John Delve wearing apparel, (sons of his sister, Margaret and her husband Daniel Delve)
  • kinsman John Thorne son of Henry Thorne of Tree in Swimbridge £5, kinswoman Elizabeth Thorne daughter of said Henry Thorne executrix (his wife's relatives)

Trustee and guardian George Stribling of Swimbridge, yeoman, condition that George being administrator during minority of Mary Thorne sole executrix, shall administrating


John Yeo & Joan Basthon - Generation 6 (Back to top)

Fairchild's brother, John, married Joan Basthon. And they lived in West Buckland . Their children were

  • John b 1745 married Mary Vicary
  • Jane, b 1748
  • Elizabeth , b 1750 (married John Tucker),
  • William b 1753 (married Ann Courtier),
  • Joan b. 1754, (married Henry Philpot). Their daughter, Jane Philpot married John Yeo, and there are many descendants in Australia.
  • Henry b. 1758 married Elizabeth Blackmore and farmed at Sherwell and later Arlington.
  • Samuel b 1762 baptised in Swimbridge married Joan Leworthy and moved to Stoke Rivers. He is mentioned in Fairchild's will.

John, the eldest son left a will when he died in 1810 and was a yeoman of Howards Mill, Kings Nympton.

He gave to his brother Samuel all his wearing apparel, to his sister Jane Phillpot £1, to Elizabeth Tibbs £3 2s, to Margaret Gower £3, to Ann Gower daughter of William Gower 5s, to Richard Gower son of John Gower 5s, to Grace daughter of John Gower 5s, to Henry Gower son of William Gower £1, to John Lawday 5s, to James Shapland 10s, to Richard son of Thomas Buckingham £12, to his beloved wife Mary the residue of his property. He married to Mary Vicary in Chittlehampton in 1774..

Mary also left a will when she died in 1825. Her effects were under £100. She gave John Vickery of Chulmleigh her clock and base and all the residue and remainder of her goods she left to Margaret Gomer and Richard Buckingham (Schoolmaster). They had no children.

William Yeo & Ann Courtier - Generation 7 (Back to top)

William, the second son, born 1753, inherited the family property, Stone in Swymbridge and was farming there in 1785. He married Ann Courtier

Their children were:-

  • William b. 1776 at Swimbridge
  • John, b.1779, Stoke Rivers , Devon ; d. 1865, married Susannah Carter
  • Henry, b. 1781, Stoke Rivers, Devon ; d. 04 May 1818, Swymbridge married Ann Lewis
  • Thomas, b. 1784, Stoke Rivers, Devon ; d. 31 Oct 1831 married Mary Webber
  • Charity, b. 1786, Stoke Rivers, Devon ;.
  • James, b. 1790, Swymbridge; d. 22 Sep 1875, Swymbridge married Mary Chapple
  • George, b. 1792, Stoke Rivers, Devon ; d. Mar 1875

His eldest son, William left a will and never married. He lived with his brother John at the farm Stone where he died in 1854 . He was then of Swymbridge and his estate was valued at under £300

These are his bequests.

  • He left James Yeo his brother £10
  • George Yeo his brother, of Landkey £19. 19s
  • Ann Yeo relict of his late brother Henry Yeo £5
  • Nephew William Cotty 5s
  • Niece MaryAnne Knill of Barnstaple £5
  • Nephew William Yeo son of brother John Yeo one brass kettle, one kitchen table and one form.
  • Niece Elizabeth Yeo, daughter of brother John Yeo, a feather bed
  • Niece Susannah Yeo, daughter of brother John, a clock and case, arm chair and warming pan
  • To John Yeo son of his late brother Henry Yeo £2
  • Mary Clarke of London and Ann Tucker of Barnstaple , daughters of his late brother Henry £2 each
  • William Yeo and Mary Anne Knill son and daughter of his late brother Thomas £2
  • James Yeo, Henry Yeo, Charity Rudd, Ann Yeo, Mary Yeo and Maria Yeo sons and daughters of his brother James Yeo £2 each
  • Isaac son of James £1 and his coffer
  • William Yeo, John Yeo, Mary Anne Yeo and Maria Yeo sons and daughters of brother George £2
  • William Yeo son of brother James Yeo £2
  • Thomas Yeo son of his brother George Yeo his silver watch and coffer
  • All his wearing apparel to be divided equally between his brothers

Witnessed by John Inch Knill and MaryAnn Knill Junior

John, second son of William and Ann nee Courtier, was born 09 Feb 1779 in Stoke Rivers, Devon , and died 1865. He married Susanna Carter on the 17th Jun 1818 in Instow. She was born in Instow, and died 27 Aug 1834.

In the 1841 census John was a farmer living at Stone age 60, with William 30, Harriet 15, Elizabeth, 15, and MaryAnn 15, In 1851 John was a widower and farmer, at Stone, Swymbridge.with son William age 37, daughters Elizabeth age 26, Susan age 23.. Also living with them are William his brother age 74 and a retired farmer, and nephew Isaac age 12 years. John died in 1865 and left a will, he called himself a yeoman of Stone.

  • He left £150 to his daughter Elizabeth Jones
  • to John Yeo Verney, son of John Verney of Burch and late daughter Susan £25
  • to Elizabeth Verney daughter of aforesaid John and Susan £25
  • All residue of estate to son William Yeo of Stone and his heirs
  • Witnessed by John Inch Knill and MaryAnn Knill

Their children were:-

  • Maryann, b. 1810, Swymbridge; m. John Inch Knill
  • William, b. 15 Sep 1819, Swymbridge; d. 16 Sep 1900, Swymbridge.
  • Harriet, b. 28 Nov 1821; d. 28 Apr 1856; m. Benjamin Baker, 24 Jul 1849, Swymbridge.
  • Elizabeth, b. 22 Aug 1824, Swymbridge; m. William Jones, 18 Mar 1857, Swymbridge. In 1854 Elizabeth was left a feather bed by her Uncle William
  • Susanna, b. 26 Aug 1827, Swymbridge; m. John Verney, 27 Nov 1851, Swymbridge. In 1854 Susannah was left a clock and case, armchair and warming pan, by her Uncle William


Henry, third son of William and Ann nee Courtier, was baptised on the 1st Nov 1781 in Stoke Rivers, Devon , and died 04 May 1818 in Swymbridge. He married Ann Lewis on the 25th June 1804 in Northam. She was born 1780 in Marwood, and died 18 Nov 1860 in Barnstaple .

Henry died young and here is a monumental inscription for Henry in Swymbridge Churchyard. He was aged 36 years old and of Westleigh. Ann was left a widow with four young children. In 1854, Ann was left £5 by her brother in law William Yeo. She was mentioned as the relict of his brother Henry. In 1881 she was living with her nephew Thomas Seldon in Back Lane, Barnstaple.

Their children were :-

  • Mary, b. 1804, Northam; m. John Clarke in Hackney London, Mary was left £2 by her Uncle William in 1854
  • Ann, b. 1806, Fremington; married William Tucker . Ann was left £2 by her Uncle William Yeo in 1854
  • Henry, b. 13 May 1810, Fremington; d. 27 Sep 1832, Barnstaple, Devon . When Henry died he was aged 22 years old and of Boutford Street , Barnstaple
  • John, b. 1812, Fremington. In 1854 John was left £2 by his Uncle William


Thomas, fourth son of William and Ann nee Courtier, was baptised on the 6th January 1784 in Stoke Rivers, Devon , and died 31 Oct 1831. He married Mary Webber on the 29th June 1813 in Landkey.

He left a will with effects under £450 when he died in 1831. He was then age 48 years and of Hunnacot in Landkey.

I, Thomas Yeo, of Hunnacott in the parish of Landkey, yeoman, give MaryAnn my daughter the first dwelling house at the side of the five houses at Gun in Swymbridge. I give to my dear wife Mary the second house at Gun as long as she remains a widow. I give to daughter Eliza the third dwelling house at Gun and to my son William the other two dwelling houses and my workshop at Gun. Each house to have a part of a garden.I appoint William Seldon and John Yeo my brother trustees for my two daughters and to make the most of my cattle impliments and utensils. Codecil As William Seldon is dead I also appoint William Yeo my brother as a trustee.

In 1841 May is living at Gun, Swymbridge as a widow and independant. Eliza her daughter, aged 16 was living with her.

Their children were:-

  • William, b. 28 Feb 1815, Swymbridge; d. 1865, Wylye, Wiltshire. William married Charlotte Markey and was a policeman
  • Mary Ann , b. 1820, Swymbridge; m. James Irwin. James was a farmer at East Accott, Barnstaple and in 1851, Eliza her sister was living with her.
  • Eliza

James Yeo, fifth son of William Yeo & Ann nee Courtier, was baptised on the 28th October, 1790 in Swymbridge, and died 22 Sep 1875 in Swymbridge. He married Mary Chapple.

George Yeo, sixth son of William and Ann nee Courtier, was baptised on the 20th March, 1792 in Stoke Rivers, Devon , and died Mar 1875. He married Ann (Nancy) Squire on the 15th April, 1818 in Swymbridge. She was born 1797 in Swymbridge, and died 1873.

In 1851 George was a farmer at Landkey, (Willerley). In 1854 he was left £19. 19s by his brother, William. In 1861 they were still farming at Landkey and children John 23, Maria 26 and Thomas 23 were with them. Also grand daughter Elizabeth Harris age 6.

Their children were:-

  • William, 1819 in Swymbridge married Maria White and farmed in Bratton Fleming and Loxhore.
  • George 1821 in Swimbridge; d. 1843, North Molton aged on 22 years.
  • Mary Ann , b. 1824, Swymbridge; m. James Harris, 28 Oct 1854, Landkey.
  • John, b. 1832, Swymbridge married Mary Jane Curtis and moved to Fremington
  • Maria b. 07 Dec 1834, Goodleigh.
  • Thomas, b. 1839, Goodleigh; d. Dec 1914, Exeter St Thomas, Devon married Mary Hancock and was a policeman in Exeter.
  • Henry, b. 30 May 1841, Goodleigh; d. Jun 1843.


James Yeo & Mary Chapple - Generation 8 (Back to top)

James Yeo, fifth son of William Yeo & Ann nee Courtier, was baptised on the 28th October, 1790 in Swymbridge, and died 22 Sep 1875 in Swymbridge.

James & Mary's M.I. in Swimbridge Church Yard

He married Mary Chapple on the 13th May 1816 in Swymbridge. James was the great, great grandfather of Ronald.

In 1851 James and Mary were living at Riverton, Swymbridge with Ann,their daughter aged 25 years, born Goodleigh and their grandson Henry aged 7 born Swymbridge In 1854 James was left £10 by his brother William

In 1861 James was still living at Riverton and was a stockmaster.With him were his wife Mary, daughter Ann Dunn, with her husband, John Dunn and their daughters Mary and Susanna By 1871 James was a widower,but still at Riverton, with his daughter,Ann Dunn and grandchildren Mary, Anna, Henry and Eliza Dunn





Their children were:

  • Betsey, b. 23 Sep 1816, Swimbridge, Devon; d. 06 Dec 1834, Barnstaple, Devon .
  • James, baptised on the 31st January, 1819, Stoke Rivers married Mary Brayley and had a son, Henry, who died just aged 22 years old in Swimbridge. In 1854 James was left £2 by his Uncle William Yeo
  • Henry, baptised on the 19th December, 1820 in Stoke Rivers, married Mary Davey and had two children, James and Mary Ann. Mary Ann married Charles Pedlar.
  • Charity, baptised on the 19th December, 1820, Stoke Rivers married Abraham Rudd and lived at Riverton. In 1854 Charity was left £2 by her Uncle William Yeo
  • Ann, b. 1827, Goodleigh married John Dunn. The witnesses at her wedding were Henry Dunn and William Yeo
  • William, b. 1831, West Buckland, Devon ; d. 1915 married Susan Dobbs and was the great grandfather of Ronald
  • Maria, b. 1833, Chittlehampton married William Gratton and had issue.
  • Isaac Chapple , b. 23 Jul 1838, Swymbridge; d. 08 Jan 1864, Swymbridge.
William Yeo & Susan Dobbs - Generation 9 (Back to top)

William, born 1831 in West Buckland, and baptised in Chittlehampton, was the third son of James and Mary nee Chapple married Susan Dobbs in 1861 in Tawstock, Devon .

Isaac Chapple Yeo & brother William's M.I. in Swimbridge Churchyard

She was born 1831 in Tawstock, Devon , and died 1900. William died in 1915. This is Ronald's great great grandfather.

In 1871 William and Susan were living at Horepie, Tawstock, with their son Henry and in 1881 they were all three living at Swymbridge,


Child of William and Susan nee Dobbs is:

Henry, b. 1862, Tawstock.







Henry Yeo & Mary Buckingham - Generation 10 (Back to top)

Henry, only child of William and Susan nee Dobbs, was born 1862 in Tawstock and married Mary Buckingham on the 8th May 1889 in Landkey.

Henry Yeo

Henry was Ronald's inspiration. He was a teacher in Devon and then moved to Stockport where he was a journalist His early career carried him through a series of provincial and Metropolitan newspaper offices to the Stockport Advertiser and finally to independence as a 'newspaper auditor, accountant and valuer' in Manchester. There in 1991 he was the brainchild behind the launching of the Spy. This was an eight page illustrated comic penny paper. Like many similar weekly paspers of amusement it was a combination of cartoons and articles with commentary on various issues and interviews. As it was an independent newspaper it was free from politically alliances, either side being subjected to praise or criticism.

Mary was also a journalist which must have been extremely hard as they had twin girls in 1889. In 1891 they were living at 85, Chatham Street, Cheadle, Stockport and both Henry and Mary are recorded as being newspaper managers.

Mary Buckingham

However tragedy struck in 1893 when both Henry and Mary were struck down with Typhoid. Sadly Mary died just aged just 32 years old. Henry recovered, but it was this year that the first libel case was brought against him. The case was dismissed but for both Henry & Mary the stress would have been tremendous.

Written in the Landkey parish registers is a comment by the vicar.

Re Mary Buckingham of Landkey, a journalist of Stockport who died 10/7/1893. I baptised and married her, and baptised her two children and now I bury her.

The 'Spy' newspaper continued and took on more contentious issues, such as the ill treatment of immigrants at a Boys Home, a solicitor who acted dishonestly towards a friend's mother and the treatment within a local asylum. These were very brave if somewhat naive acts and showed his caring for the underprivileged. However he suffered greatly for this and was eventually imprisoned for eighteen months hard labour. This broke him and his health suffered and he died alone in 1917 in Lancaster Hospital.

After Mary died he married Edith Walker and they had a son, William Henry in 1895. Unlike Mary, Edith was a very hard woman. She had been a Matron in a London Hospital and then in Liverpool. She treated the children very strictly, so much so that the two girls, Winifred and Mabel ran away to London as soon as they were old enough.

Their children were :-

  • Winifred Ada, b. 1889, Stockport .
  • Mabel Sophia, b. 1889, Stockport .


Winifred Yeo & Francis Hearn - Generation 11 (Back to top)

.Winifred was born in 1889 in Stockport, one of identical twins. Winifred and Mabel were extremely beautiful ladies, very fashionable and had similar personalities. Their early life lives were not easy, losing their mother when they were just four years old and then suffering at the hands of a formidable step mother must have made them extremely close to each other. At the age of eighteen they ran away to London and at some point were involved with the suffragette movement..

Winifred centre, right Francis and left his brother Percy.

Ronald loved his mother dearly and she was a great influence on his life.

At the age of seventeen she contarcted glandular fever which left her weak and at the age of thirty she contracted St Vitus Dance and her hair turned white. But she never gave in and worked hard until she died aged sixty five.

Winifred was passionately fond of animals and worked for animals, often intervening when they were being illtreated.

In 1917 she married Francis Leonard Herbert Hearn and her sister Mabel was a witness at the wedding. Sadly Mabel died from influenza just after this, without ever getting married.

Ronald was born in Stonebridge Park in Willesden,the third child of Winifred and Francis

Ronald L Hearn - Generation 12

Ronald's life story can be read by purchasing his biography

Ronald Hearn MEDIUM - A Yeoman of England

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