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Ronald Hearn is an internationally respected and acclaimed medium. Born in London in 1927, he first discovered his gifts at the age of 25 and quickly went on to build up a worldwide reputation for the accuracy of both his private consultations and public demonstrations. He pioneered the use of tape-recorded sittings and has made numerous appearances on television and radio.

Ronald's Biography

Ronald Hearn was born in 1927 in North West London, son of Francis Hearn and Winifred Ada nee Yeo..   He was a 'blue' baby, which meant he had to be smacked into life and was four years old before he was well enough to be photographed.    In his early years he passed a scholarship examination and went to Willesden County School where at the age of sixteen he passed his matriculation examination with good results and spent the next two years working in local government.

        At the age of 18 Ronald was called up for military service and served in the Army Intelligence Corps in India, Egypt and Austria.   It was due to his military training when he was 21 that he discovered his ability to lecture (not knowing at the time he would become one of the finest lecturers in his field) and be able to face large audiences with equanimity.   At that time he was not aware of his psychic ability which was not really discovered until 4 years later at the age of 25.

        Through an old school friend Ronald was invited to attend a Spiritualist meeting where he was told by a Medium that he was psychic and would become one of the best known Mediums in the world.   It wasn't the thought of fame that whetted Ronald's appetite to further investigate the world of mediumship, but rather his curiosity about how it was possible for a stranger to know such accurate information that one of the Mediums had given him about some of his relatives she had never met.   Ronald at that time would have described himself as a non- believer in this phenomena, and even after being told the accurate information by the Medium, he was still not fully convinced.   However, he was eventually persuaded to join a development class.   On his first visit it was as though a switch was turned on and everything began to flow and he went into a trance and saw discarnate people and heard voices.   He trained for six more months before he was able to adequately demonstrate his ability.

         Ronald demonstrated his gift at public meetings and gave consultations on a one- to- one basis to bereaved people seeking evidence their loved ones survived physical death.  He also passed on any advice or help their 'dead' loved ones might offer.

        When a close friend, who lived some distance away, tragically lost her daughter, Ronald came up with the idea of tape recording any messages he received from her as writing would be too laborious.  The results were astounding, especially as they always contained many instances of pre- cognition and spoke of events which took place after the recording had been posted.   Ronald thought nothing was special about tape recording his messages from a distance until a friend, who had been talking to the mother and had listened to the dozens of communication tapes she has received, was amazed that such accurate readings could be done from so far away.  With the mother's permission the friend sent an article about Ronald's new technique of tape recording messages from a distance to Psychic News, which devoted the front page to the story.

        As a result of this article people began to write from all over the world requesting taped evidence from their 'dead' loved ones.  Since then he has helped thousands of people with this unique service, which he has proudly pioneered.  Ronald's recordings have become known as tape- recorded proxy consultations.

Due to this technique a large percentage of his clients are people he has never met, which makes him unique among Mediums.

        Ronald has also demonstrated this unusual and great talent in another fashion.  He has done tape- recorded demonstrations eight weeks in advance whereby he would sit with a plan of the venue, choose certain numbered seats and record messages for whoever might be sitting in them weeks later.   (Seats were not assigned to participants ahead of time)   The results were sensational.   Each message was recognized by the occupant of the numbered chair and by nobody else in the hall.   These experiments were tried out in several places with equal success.   In addition to this technique and the tape recorded messages he has helped many more people with face- to- face consultations and public demonstrations.

        He has been involved in ghost- hunting.   One of his most famous 'hunts' was for Hans Holzer when he contacted the ghost of Nell Gwynn who relayed information through him which was subsequently proved accurate.   It was featured in Holzer's book 'Window to the Past'.    Britain's largest circulation newspaper at that the time, The Sun, featured this and some of his other ghost stories.

        His first trip abroad to work was at the invitation of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship to speak and run workshops at their Seminar in Gettysburg, PA in the  U.S.A.   They were expecting about 300 people to attend but when Ronald arrived there was a huge crowd who refused to book in until they knew 'that man from England' had arrived.   850 people booked in for the week and with day students there were well over 1000 people each day.   Ronald received a tremendous ovation for each lecture and although his class was limited to 40 students, many people from other classes gate crashed daily and begged to stay, to which he agreed.    

        This led to a 6- week whistle- stop tour of the Eastern Seaboard States and on to Toronto, Canada for the big Saturday Night Show and Montreal for a radio broadcast on Radio Canada International.   Ronald appeared on several television and radio programs in the U.S.A. as well as appearances on British Television.  (See Photos)   In addition to several visits to U.S.A. he has been to Sweden Australia, New Zealand and Germany where he held large workshops with outstanding success.

        Ronald did a pre- recorded test for The Sun newspaper and became the first Medium to receive a favorable review by that paper.   Their Sunday publication, News of the World , printed his Marc Bolan communications and Ronald has received convincing evidence from Judy Garland, Wendell Corey  and Kirsten Flagstad, to name a few, for people who knew them personally.

        After making fifteen taped proxy consultations for a bereaved family in Holland, which contained accurate and amazing evidence, Ronald felt the story should be told.   The family had lost a ten- year- old son and brother who passed after a brave battle with leukemia after all attempts to save him failed.   Ronald had always wanted to write a book about his work, but until then was too preoccupied with other aspects of his psychic work.  


 This first book was called "The Little Dutch Boy, a Study in Psychic Communication", and was published in 1993.   It proved to be a great success and has given comfort and hope to many.   Ronald continued to do tapes for the family for much longer, though he lost count of the exact number.

        Between 1993 and 1997 Ronald contributed many articles about his work to the monthly journal, Two Worlds.    Then in 2008 his second book was published.   It's title is "The Little Boy Who Listened- Portrait of a Medium" and is the story of the Medium, Arthur Molinary.   Ronald had known Arthur Molinary, who was born with a psychic ability but needed help in presenting his gift to the public.   In helping him to use his gifts Ronald discovered Arthur had tried to write his autobiography without success.  Realizing Arthur had a most unusually brilliant gift and unique way of presenting it Ronald offered to write it for him.  


 So "The Little Boy Who Listened - Portrait of a Medium" was written and has proved to be very popular.   Ronald was delighted to be able to write about Arthur Molinary as he considers him to be one of the finest Mediums in the world.   Ronald said "I wrote this story because I think it should be read by anyone who is concerned about life after death, and for those who are not, it will open up a whole new way of thinking."

"The Little Boy Who Listened" was published in April 2008 and launched at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London where over 300 celebrities and guests attended.   It was re- printed in time for a book- signing in Gibraltar in June 2008 and was the biggest celebrity book- signing in the history of the Rock!

        As a result of Ronald's second book many have wanted to know more about his work and for him to share his vast experience as a Medium with them so Ronald began his autobiography.   It is recently completed and ready to go to the publisher.   Ronald's autobiography not only tells of his early life and introduction to the psychic scene, but also includes an account of how he discovered his direct descent from numerous British and Scottish Kings and Queens, including William The Conqueror.   It was a pleasant shock and Ronald was amazed how it linked up many psychic clues and pointers other Mediums had given him through the years, clues he had laughed about and sloughed off when he first heard them.  

        Many years earlier one Medium told Ronald he "saw a crown above his head."  Then in successive years other Mediums told Ronald things like- - "You've got the royal purple cloak all around you." and "Richard the Lionheart is with you.   He is your friend and your guide."   One day Ronald took a ring of his Mother's for a psychometry session, which is where one person holds an object of another and then tells the impressions he or she is receiving.   The Medium that day said to Ronald, "The owner of this ring is descended from French royalty."   On another occasion a Medium told him, "There's Alfred with you."  Ronald replied that he didn't know anyone named Alfred.  "Yes, you do," said the Medium.  "He's the one who burnt the cakes."  None of these references to royalty meant anything to Ronald when he received them from the Mediums, and over the years he dismissed each one.   It was only after his sister, his last family member, died that Ronald realized he knew very little about his family's history and asked a genealogist to trace his roots where it was discovered, to his great surprise, his direct relationship to so many royal personages, including Alfred the Great, "the one who burnt the cakes." This was of course his Yeo ancestry.

        Just as Ronald had to wait years for clarification of these "clues" the Mediums had been giving him, so it is for many of the people for whom he has done readings.   Some of these folks have written Ronald or contacted him in other fashions to let him know how accurate his reading was for them at the time he did it and in future years, including things they initially thought were insignificant or had no meaning at all for them.   

        Ronald Hearn has spent over 50 years of his life doing this work that has greatly helped thousands of people in so many ways.   Although he is no longer doing private readings, his books will continue to offer comfort and healing to those who have lost loved ones with proof that life in some form continues after physical death and that love never dies.

Peter Ingold, Donna Suwall


Additions by Sheila Yeo, November, 2010

It was an amazing day when Roanld sent me his autobiography, "A Yeoman of England". It was such a surprise, and although we had had contact many years ago, we were not in touch on a regular basis. When I started to read the book, I became spell bound. I always knew there was something special about the Yeo family, but how he attributes his extroidinary powers and success to the Yeo ancestry is a must for all Yeo descendants to read. He has now become a good friend and is helping me in a way that nobody else but Ronald could do.

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