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Hi Sheila, I was wondering whether you may be able to help me, please. I ham currently researching my partners fathers family (the Seary family) and have done really well.  However, I thought that I would also look into his mothers line - the YEO's - and came across your website. I thought that I'd drop you a line to see whether you may have my partners grandfather on your records - I have drawn a blank with the 1891 and 1901 census last night. His name was WILLIAM YEO, who was born on 29th June 1911 in Battersea, south London.  He married a lady called ADELAIDE ELIZABETH CLARKE (b. 13th July 1914 in Lambeth - d. 1987).  Apparently, William had three siblings called Millicent, Albert and Robert. Any help will be gratefully appreciated.. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best wishes, Sarah

Thanks so much for getting back to me. All I know from William's daughter Maureen is this: WILLIAM YEO was born on 29th JUNE 1911 in BATTERSEA, LONDON, and died in 1985.  He married ADELAIDE ELIZABETH CLARKE (13 JULY 1914 at YORK ROAD HOSPITAL, LAMBETH) and DIED 1987. Maureen tells me - apart from her fathers siblings that I have already told you about, that William's father was a SAMUEL YEO (no dates for him), and that he married twice. Maureen also tells me that one of William's siblings - ALBERT (again, no dates) - married a lady called KATHLEEN (?) and they had 5 children, VERONICA, LORETTA, IRIS, CLAIRE (who married a JAMES CLOONEY) and BERNADETTE. I am so sorry that I have no further information to provide - this is it! As to whether William's elder siblings were from Samuel's first (or possible second) )wife I just don't know, but I just can't understand why I can't find ANY of them on the 1801 or 1901 census, unless they were in Scotland at the time, or elsewhere, but then again - if this is the case then they should show up somewhere!

1 William
. 2 George Yeo b: 1813 d: 1871 in Bridgewater, Somerset
..... +Hannah Pierce b: 1819
..... 3 Samuel Yeo b: 1853 d: 1926 in Wandsworth area, London
......... +Elizabeth
......... 4 William Yeo b: 29 Jun 1911
............. +Adelaide Elizabeth Clarke b: 13 Jul 1914
............ 5 Maureen A Yeo b: 1936
................ +Stanley Henry Seary
................ 6 Andrew Keith Seary b: 1962 - Sarah's partner

1851 GeorgeYeo & Hannah

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