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Somehow, I stumbled (using Google) on the Yeo Society, and discovered  more information than I could imagine about Ann Yeo. I inherited my mother-in-law's genealogy project, a few years ago.  One of our short trees was the Baker tree, coming from Barnstaple. I  contacted someone over there, paid him a fee, and got the information  that the earliest Baker we had (Francis Baker) had married a lady named Ann Yoe.  The spelling was corrected, and we got the names of  Richard Yeo and Petronel as her parents. And that was it!

Then I found your Society, and the world opened up.  Thank you, very  much, for all of your work. I can only imagine how hard you and your friends worked, to put together your site. I have a little information for you, about Ann Yeo Baker.  She had three more children, after Julia Ann and William. They were: Annie Baker (we don't have dates) married someone named Johnson. Elizabeth Frances Baker 9/25/1818 Alcombe - about 1835 Barnstaple Frederick James Baker 3/26/1821 Barnstaple - 10/15/1901  Council Bluffs, Iowa

In 1837, the family emigrated to the United States, setting themselves up in Brooklyn, New York. But Ann didn't get there. We have the information that she died during the voyage, and was buried at sea. No idea of the name of the ship, or the specific date of her death. Francis died 4/22/1863, still in New York City.

One bit of information we have about Ann's husband, Francis, is that he painted a panorama or "The History of Mankind, from the Creation of the Great Flood." He is supposed to have been awarded a gold medal  but we don't know who awarded it, or where.) One of my wife's relatives is supposed to have seen the rolled-up canvas, in a barn or basement in Iowa, back in the early 1930's. But it is reported to have rotted away, so we don't know what it looked ike. Is there any knowledge, back there in Devon, of this creation, and the award? I don't even know where to look. I'd appreciate anyideas you might have on this.

Richard Holmes Occidental, California

Descendants of Ann Yeo

Generation No. 1

1. Ann Yeo was born 27 Aug 1786, and died 1837 in At sea. She married (2) Francis Baker 24 Sep 1817 in Barnstaple. He died 22 Apr 1863 in New York City, USA.

In 1837 the family emigrated to the United States, setting themselves up in Brooklyn, New York. But Ann didn't get there. She died during the voyage and was buried at sea.

Children of Ann Yeo are:

  • + 2 i. Julia Ann 2 Yeo, born 17 Oct 1805 in Littleham By Bideford.
  • 3 ii. William Yeo, born 1814 in Barnstaple, Devon. He married Martha Reynolds.

Children of Ann Yeo and Francis Baker are:

  • 4 i. Annie 2 Baker, died in Australia. She married Mr Johnson.
  • 5 ii. Elizabeth Frances Baker, born 25 Sep 1818 in Barnstaple, Devon; died 1835.
  • + 6 iii. Frederick James Baker, born 26 Mar 1821 in Barnstaple, Devon; died 15 Oct 1901 in Coucil Bluffs, Iowa, USA.

Generation No. 2

2. Julia Ann Yeo was born 17 Oct 1805 in Littleham By Bideford. She married James Cass in Barnstaple, Devon.

Children of Julia Yeo and James Cass are:

  • 7 i. William 3 Cass, born 1837 in Barnstaple, Devon.
  • 8 ii. Fanny Cass, born 1839 in New York, USA.
  • 9 iii. Frederic Cass, born 1842 in New York, USA.
  • 10 iv. Frank Cass, born 1844 in New York, USA.
  • 11 v. James Cass, born 1847 in New York, USA.

6. Frederick James Baker was born 26 Mar 1821 in Barnstaple, Devon, and died 15 Oct 1901 in Coucil Bluffs, Iowa, USA. He married Jane Varian Taylor 1853 in New York, USA.

Children of Frederick Baker and Jane Taylor are:

  • 12 i. Annie Jane 3 Baker, born 20 Jan 1854 in New York, USA; died 13 Nov 1924 in New York, USA.
  • 13 ii. Charles Frederick Baker, born 10 Sep 1855 in Brooklyn, USA; died in Alberta, Canada. He married Florence Burt Pierce 24 Jan 1882 in Brooklyn, USA.
  • 14 iii. William Francis Baker, born 09 Apr 1859 in Brooklyn, USA; died 22 May 1945. He married Anna Gertrude Carothers; born 11 Apr 1868; died 14 Sep 1945.
  • 15 iv. Edwin Taylor Baker Baker, born 12 Apr 1861 in Brooklyn, USA; died 30 Oct 1932. He married Rachel Carothers; born 28 Aug 1878; died 06 Oct 1934.
  • 16 v. Ernest Gilbert Baker, born 14 Feb 1863 in Brooklyn, USA; died 21 Mar 1908. He married Gertrude Kingsley Pierce; born 07 Jul 1878 in Brooklyn, USA; died 25 Nov 1957.
  • 17 vi. Emma Elizabeth Baker, born 08 Jul 1871 in Brooklyn, USA; died 11 Dec 1942. She married John Buchanan; born 04 Aug 1869; died 23 Apr 1942.
  • 18 vii. Florence Augusta Baker, born 05 Mar 1875 in Brooklyn, USA; died 1963. She married Owen J McManus.

Ann'e brother Richard Yeo emigrated to New York in 1812 and in the 1840 census was living in the Orange area of New York, with two males probably sons, one aged between 18 - 20 years and the other aged between 30 - 40 years. There must be Yeo descendants from these two and probably others.

His name appears in the Passenger and Immigration Lists Index and correctly gives his date of birth as that of Richard son of Richard and Petronella


Richard Yeo
Date of Immigration
abt 1778
New York, NY

New York Directories

Richard Yeo. 1815 & 1820. New York City, Glove and Leather store

If anyone has more information on Richard we would love to hear from them.


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