Arthur George Yeo 1873-1956, Fisherman of Ilfracombe, Devon

Arthur George Yeo was born in 1873 in Ilfracombe, the son of William and Mary Harris. He married Ada Eliza Painter in 1893 in the Barnstaple Area. Ada was born 1873 in London, and died 1917 in Barnstaple, Devon. After Ada died Arthur married Agnes Patt (Dec 1917) in Barnstaple. Arthur died in 1956 in Ilfracombe. Having lived in Ilfracombe all his life, and being quite a character, he is now proudly mentioned in the llfracombe Museum. Arthur was a boatman and fisherman, working between North Devon and South Wales, so many of his descendants still live in North Devon or South Wales.

Arthur George Yeo  
Agnes Yeo nee Patt

In 1898, when Frederick was born, Arthur and Ada were living at 10, Albert Court, Ilfracombe In 1901 Arthur and Ada were living at 69, Fore Street, Ilfracombe and Arthur was an able seaman. Living with them were children, William, Christine, Frederick and Ivor. In 1911, Arthur and Ada were living at 12, Beach Road, Hele, Ilfracombe, with children, Frederick, Ivor, Ernest and Monty, all of whom were attending school. After Ada died in 1917, Arthur remarried and he and Agnes had another six children. In 1918 when George Leonard was born, Arthur and Agnes were living at 6, Quarryfield Flats, Ilfracombe. Arthur was a boatman. In the mother's section of the birth certificate it says "Agnes Yeo, late Rudd, formerly Patt"

Children of Arthur Yeo and Ada Painter are:

  • William G Yeo, born 1894 in Ilfracombe, Devon., married Ms Lewis 1914 in Pontardawe area, S. Wales.
  • Christine A M Yeo, born 1896 in Ilfracombe, married William Leggett Jan 1918 in Ilfracombe, Devon.
  • Frederick Louis Joseph Yeo, born 15 Jul 1898 in Ilfracombe and married Winnie Mock
  • Ivor C Yeo, born 1900 in Ilfracombe, Devon; died Jun 1961 in Swansea, South Wales, and married Ms Phillips 1954 in Swansea, South Wales.
  • Ernest Edward Yeo, born 1903 in Ilfracombe, Devon; died Jun 1982 in Barnstaple Area. He married Ms Jones 1931 in Barnstaple Area.
  • Albert Montague Yeo, born 1906 in Ilfracombe, Devon; died 1973 in Swansea, and married Frances I Hopkin 1932 in Swansea

Children of Arthur Yeo and Agnes Patt are:

    • George Leonard Yeo, born 1918 in Ilfracombe, Devon; died May 1986 in Henley and married Betty Lazarus 1940 in Weymouth, Dorset.
    • Vera M Yeo, born 1920 in Ilfracombe, Devon and married Mr Hayes.
    • Florence I Yeo, born 1921 in Ilfracombe, Devon.
    • Stanley John Yeo, born 1922 in Ilfracombe, Devon. He married Christine Leggatt 1949 in Swansea, South Wales.
    • Cecil Yeo, born 1923 in Ilfracombe, Devon; died 1925 in Ilfracombe. Devon.
    • Ira James Yeo, born 17 Dec 1926 in Ilfracombe. Devon; died 2000 in North Devon. He married Ms Burt 1951 in Totnes area, Devon.

    Frederick Louis Joseph Yeo & Winnie Mock

Frederick Louis Joseph Yeo

Frederick Louis Joseph Yeo was born 15 Jul 1898 in Ilfracombe, Devon, and married Winnie Mock 1920 in Barnstaple area, Devon. Winnie was just eighteen years old having been born in 1902 and tragically died in 1929 in the Guildford Area.

Children of Frederick Yeo and Winnie Mock are:

  • Lewis George Yeo, born 1920 in Barnstaple Area; died Nov 2001 in Liverpool, Lancs. He married Gladys Taylor 1948 in Liverpool.
  • William Geoffrey Yeo, born 21 Aug 1921 in Pontadawe, S. Wales; died 2000 in Isle of Wight, and married Annie Pearl Sowden 1943 in Truro, Cornwall. His Grandson, Timothy's wife, Lucy, is researching this tree.
  • Edith Mary Agnes Yeo, born 1924 in Ynistawe House, Ynistawe, Glam; died 1968 in Dawlish, Devon, and married Mr Winkworth 1958 in Dawlish.

    Edith had a child out of wedlock in 1944. Edith was living at 32, Whittingham Road, Ilfracombe, and a domestic servant, when she had David, his birth on the 20th of October, 1944, was registered as David Roydon Yeo. Sadly, unable to support herself and a young baby, he was taken from her and sent to Australia by the Catholic Society. In 1996, David tried to trace his family and if anyone knows where he is living now, could they please contact me so I can send the details onto his family here in England.

  • Ivor John Yeo, born 09 Feb 1927 in Ynystawe House, Ynystawe, Glam; died 1985 in Brighton, Sussex.
  • Betty Patricia E Yeo, born 15 Oct 1929 in Bagshot, Surrey; died Mar 1930 in Swansea Area.

These delightful photographs of Frederick, William, Edith and Ivor were kindly sent to me by Lucy

William Geoffrey John Yeo 1921 - 2000
Edith Yeo - From original, "Taken on the Tunnels at Ilfracombe, June 14th, 1948"
From original - " Ann & ivor, taken at Trafagar Square, London, 1948 - Love Edith, hope you like them "

When William Geoffrey was born in 1921 Frederick was a colliery surface labourer living at 61, Grove Road, Clydach. When Edith and Ivor John were born Frederick was living at Ynistawe House, Ynistawe. Frederick was a mason's labourer After Winnie died in 1829, all the children were put into care, and never saw their father again, which is why Lucy, William's granddaughter in law, is trying to trace any family members. Lucy is married to Timothy, son of Kenneth and Christine Yeo of Cornwall.

George Leonard Yeo & Betty Lazarus


George Leonard Yeo, born 1918 in Ilfracombe, Devon; married Betty Lazarus 1940 in Weymouth, Dorset. George was in the the Navy and then moved to Henley, where he died in 1986.

George and Betty had two children, Michael and Rhoda. Michael married Julia Brindley and they still live in Henley. I met them last year and they kindly gave me some photographs to share with everyone. A lovely couple, they are actively involved with the St John Ambulance and travel around the country helping to care for others.


George Leonard Yeo
Michael, Julia and their children, Denise, David & Derrick on one of their camping holidays around 1969

Arthur George's Descendancy Tree

1 Bartholomew Yeo b: 1600 in Kings Nymton, North Devon d: in Beaford, Devon
.. +Zenobia Halse b: in Beaford m: 20 Jan 1624 in Beaford, Devon d: in Beaford, Devon
. 2 Andrew Yeo b: 1630 in Beaford, Devon d: 1662 in Beaford, Devon
..... +Joan
..... 3 Andrew Yeo b: 1650 in Beaford, Devon
......... +Prudence Avery m: 04 Feb 1678 in Highampton
......... 4 James Yeo b: 07 May 1682 in Hatherleigh
............. +Eleanor Bragg m: 21 Apr 1707 in High Bickington
............ 5 Thomas Yeo b: 11 Oct 1715 in Roborough By Torrington
................ +Mary Davis m: 02 Feb 1754 in Roborough
................ 6 John Yeo b: 07 Jan 1759 in Atherington, Devon d: 19 Dec 1804 in Atherington
.................... +Elizabeth Punchard m: 31 Jul 1792 in Atherington
.................... 7 William Yeo b: 21 Mar 1802 in Atherington, Devon
........................ +Jane Lang b: 1805 in Ashdon, Devon m: 11 Feb 1827 in Barnstaple
....................... 8 William Yeo b: 1850 in Marwood
........................... +Mary Harris m: Dec 1869 in Barnstaple Area
........................... 9 Arthur George Yeo b: 1873 in Ilfracombe d: Jun 1956 in Barnstaple, Devon

Link to Bartholomew & Zenobia's Biography

My thanks to Michael, Julia and Lucy for sharing these photographs.

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