Benjamin Yeo & Ann McBean of Inwardleigh & Westminster Twp, Ontario,Canada

Gary's great, great grandfather, Benjamin, emigrated from Inwardleigh, Devon, to Ontario, Canada, between 1848 and 1852 with his first wife Mary and one or more children.

In 1841 Benjamin was a man servant working for Johanna Palmer at Yelland, Okehampton, Devon.

Gary's Tree and comments

Stan & Betty Yeo, Gary's parents on holiday in Perth, Australia, October 2003

Direct Descendants of Thomas Yeo

  • 1 Thomas Yeo 1680 -
  • .. +Elizabeth Hancock
  • .. 2 Thomas Yeo 1712/13 -
  • ....... +Joan Gale
  • ...... 3 William Yeo 1754 - 1833
  • ........... +Mary Drew
  • ........... 4 William Yeo 1780 -
  • ................ +Mary Medland
  • ............... 5 Benjamin Yeo 1815 - 1882
  • .................... +Ann McBean 1823 - 1911
  • .................... 6 William Duncan Yeo 1864 - 1951
  • ......................... +Ruth Dibb 1854 -
  • ........................ 7 Stanley Dibbs Yeo 1894 -
  • ............................. +Sarah Ellen Clarke 1899 - 1987
  • ............................. 8 Stanley Joseph Yeo 1923 -
  • .................................. +Betty Yvette Lynch 1925 -
  • ................................. 9 Gary Matthew Yeo 1949 -

1881 Census Place: Westminster, Middlesex East, Ontario, Canada

Source: FHL Film 1375904 NAC C-13268 Dist 167 SubDist A Div 1 Page 64 Family 306

  • Benjamin YEO M M 63 English England Farmer Religion: CE
  • Ann YEO F M 53 Scottish Scotland Religion: C. Presbyterian
  • James YEO M 28 English O Farmer Religion: Church of England
  • William YEO M 16 English O Farmer Religion: Church of England
  • Maggie YEO F 14 English O Religion: Church of England
  • Mary YEO F 26 English O Religion: Church of England

Many thanks to Gary for this brilliant photograph of his family. Stan looks fantastic for 80 years old, must be the Scuba Diving and flying.......

Comments by Gary

A photo from my Dad's birthday.Left to right: Erik (Toronto, ON), Stan (Oakville, ON), Gary (Regina, SK), and Roger (Port Stephens, NSW). Which would make our branch listing in the Links page: "Thomas and Elizabeth Hancock, Inwardleigh, Devon, Canada, and Australia". If I'd stayed in Fiji we'd be more exotic!


Dear Sheila,


I'm "See No Evil" , Alex is "Speak No Evil", and Colin is the imp in the middle. Cheers, Gary.  

Delighted to get your reply, especially so soon. You certainly may put us on the website, although there are a few details about my branch I'd like to check to make sure its as accurate as possible. The information I have is just a set of notes my dad passed along. I'm pretty confident about the last couple of generations, but before that I'm not. I'll try to provide you with something better organized than what I sent, but here are some odds and ends, working back from the current end of my branch:

I'm a geologist, currently living in Saskatchewan, but came here by way of Suva, Fiji; Antigonish and Wolfville, Nova Scotia; Ottawa, Ontario, Whitehorse, Yukon, and Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Travel was an occupational attraction! My brother Roger currently lives in Port Stephens, New South Wales, where he has a B&B and is involved in whale-watching tours and saving koalas. (As our mum kept her Australian citizenship, in spite of living in Canada for 56 years, we have pretty strong connections down under. We teased her for years about likely convict ancestors, which she denied having. We figured that any family that had been in Australia since at least the 1840s had to have married into a "Currency" one. I suppose that until recently it wasn't something that folks admitted to. Now its very trendy of course. My cousin Brenda recently traced us back to John Grant and Jane O'Brien who were transported from Ireland in 1810 and 1811 respectively.) Other brother, Erik, is a doctor in Toronto, Ontario. He teaches at University of Toronto Medical School. My sister, Jeanette, is married to Rick Jeffrey in Peterborough, Ontario. She works for Apple Computers as one of those helpful people you can call when you have a problem.

Our Dad, Stanley Joseph Dibb Yeo (1923- ) is a retired electrical engineer living in Oakville, Ontario. He taught computer science and business math at Sheridan College in Oakville before he retired. Then he learned to fly and took up scuba diving. He's still doing both, and we are planning a big 80th birthday reunion in Ontario in August. We're driving down (its only 4 days) and Roger and family are flying back for it. I will send you a photo of the whole clan. I should send you material on his sisters, Shirley (1922-1970) and Jean (1931- ). Auntie Jean will be quite thrilled to get your material, as she is the one who has most of the information about the family.

Our grandfather, Stanley Dibb Yeo (1895-1971), was trained as a pharmacist, but was Chief of Excise for the Canadian government in Ottawa before he retired. His mother was Ruth Dibb (1854-1897), William Duncan Yeo's first wife. Madeline (1901-1948) was the daughter of William Duncan's second wife, Dolly Phillips (?? - 1906). William Duncan's 3rd wife, Margaret Conn, had no children. Your tree just has Dolly listed as wife of William Duncan Yeo. He farmed in Westminster Township, near London, Ontario, as I think was indicated in the 1881 Ontario census. I'm still puzzled about the children of Benjamin Yeo. His first wife, Mary Blatchford, died in London Ontario on 23 April 1852, shortly after the birth of James Yeo (17 March 1852), so I think James was likely the son of Mary; not Ann. In my dad's notes he has Benjamin's daughter, Mary, as a daughter of his wife Mary, but that's very unlikely as she was born after the latter's death. To add to the confusion, my Dad lists another son of Mary and Benjamin named William (1849-1855) who died young. I need to confirm the date of Mary Blatchford's death and/or Ann McBean's marriage to Benjamin. Incidentally, Ann was the daughter of Duncan McBean, a Chelsea Pensioner from the 42nd regiment (now the Black Watch), who died of cholera in Ogdensburg, NY. in 1832. Thanks again. I'll certainly keep in touch and keep you up to date. I couldn't find a dignified digital photo, so I've attached a silly one of 3 monkeys taken on "Canada Day" (used to be called "Dominion Day" until the British Empire crumbled). I'm "See No Evil" , Alex is "Speak No Evil", and Colin is the imp in the middle. Cheers, Gary.


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