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The famous Sir James Lucas Yeo who was heavily involved in protecting the Great Lakes against the USA in the 1812 war was one of the first to arrive in Ontario and be granted land there. However for many centuries the Yeo family had been travelling across from Devon to Newfoudland, fishing for the cod on either six months contracts or three year contracts. The first recorded Yeos to have actually settled there arrived in the 1830's, mainly in Prince Edward Island and Ontario.

Conditions in Devon & Cornwall were desperate, with very little employment and the prospect of the workhouse. Most parishes, who were responsible for their poor, offered to pay for the passages to the English colonies and so families, often related or belonging to the same religious groups bravely took up this offer in the hope of a better life.

Studying the Ontario death certificates shows how hard the life was in Canada. Young women died in childbirth, typhus, cholera and tuberculosis were epidemic and without antibiotics death from septicaemia was frequent. But for those who did survive, their descendants are proud of their anchievements, which has enabled them to have the chance of a new and more affluent life. Most were able to buy land, something that was virtually impossible in England at that time.

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These are a few of the branches that did make that journey. Many have links to their descendants but where there isn't a link, please contact me if you have any more information on these families or if you would like additional information. Also if you would like copies of any of the certificates, please e-mail me.


Descendants of Benjamin Yeo & Mary Wade of Bradworthy

John Yeo, one of the sons of Benjamin & Mary kept a diary of the journey. When his father died John was only twelve years old. but the legacy of £100 paid to him at 21 permitted him to finance his trip to North America in 1835. He travelled to America on the "Cosmopolite", a journey that took 35 days When he arrived at New York he then took a steamboat to Albany, up the Hudson. At this point many of his fellow emigrants travelled on to Ohio, but accompanied by his friend, William Piper, John crossed Lake Ontario to Toronto. The following day he travelled to Hamilton where John soon found work. About 1837, he returned to England where he married Mary Ann Shortridge. John and MaryAnn returned to Ontario, Canada in 1838 and lived in Hamilton and in Paris. In 1870 they purchased a farm in Glandford Twp, known as Springbank John died on Nov 17, 1884 in Hamilton. John and MaryAnn were buried in the Barton Stone Church cemetry, Barton Twp, Wentworth Co. Ontario.

Descendants of John Yeo & Elizabeth Batstone of Dawlish, Kingsteignton & Torquay

Son Henry, who was born in Kingsteignton, Devon was the first to emigrate in the late 1860's. He married Jane Lee in 1874 and settled in the Yarmouth Twp area in Elgin and they had numerous children. His brother John married Elizabeth McClean in Torquay, Devon in 1883 and emigrated to Canada shortly afterwards as their son George Percy was born in 1889 in Toronto. (ancestors of Henry & John)

Descendants of John Yeo & Elizabeth Reed of North Petherwin, Devon

John & Elizabeth emigrated to Canada in 1846 with sons, Charles, John, William, Nicholas & Thomas and daughters, MaryJane & Elzabeth Ann from North Petherwin in Devon. When they arrived in Toronto they stayed there until the winter when John bought a farm near Donan. Unfortunately the farm was near a big marsh and both John & Elizabeth took the fever and ague and died and were buried within three weeks of each other about 15 miles east of London in 1847. The eldest, Charles married and settled in the Richmond, Lennox area, John married Margaret Tribe and settled in Michigan, USA. Nicholas, just six years old when his parents died, was put out to an old farmer and eventually settled in London, Westminster area and started his own successful business called Yeo's China Hall. Little Thomas died of scarlet fever in 1851 aged just seven. Mary Jane married John Graham and their daughter, Elizabeth Ann married into another branch of the Yeo family, Albert grandson of James Yeo & Elizabeth Braund.

Descendants of Henry Yeo & Elizabeth Aurthur of Swimbridge, Devon

Henry & Elizabeth emigrated to Canada in the 1870's with daughters, Jane & Thirzia. Henry settled in the Muskoka area and was a butcher. After Elizabeth's death in 1892, Henry married Harriet Stratton in Parry Sound and on the marriage certificate was written @old but a sweet Couple' !! Jane married Aaron Stephens and Thirzia married William Scott. Both daughters settled in the Middlesex area.

Descendants of George Yeo & Elizabeth Yendle of Arlington, Devon

In 1883 William Yendle, son of George & Elizabeth, emigrated to Canada through New York arriving August 25th on the ship, "City of Paris" from Liverpool. He was following his future father-in-law, George Baker, who had emigrated from Barnstaple to Windsor, Ontario with his oldest two children, Jessie and Walter, leaving his wife and two younger daughters, Georgiana and Minnie in England. . William lived with the Bakers and worked for a department store in Detroit, Michigan, across the border from Windsor. He married Jessie when she became of age. He followed his father-in-law to Portland, Oregon, and worked for him in the Baker Auction House. In later years, William was an auctioneer for the Wilson Auction House in Portland.

Descendants of James Yeo & Elizabeth Braund of Milton Damerel, Devon

James & Elizabeth's son James was the first to emigrate in 1857. He returned to England in 1867 to visit his family and in the Spring of 1868 he returned to Canada along with his brothers John (1831), William), Thomas (1844) and Francis (1850). They were shipwrecked off the east coast of Canada and William drowned as he was too frightened to jump to the life boat. John married MaryAnn Daniel Wonnacott in Holsworthy in 1830 and they settled in the Woodstock, Oxford area. Thomas married Sybella George & secondly Susan E jenney and they settled in the St Thomas, Elgin area. Francis made his way to St. Thomas after coming to Canada in 1868. Later he moved to Mount Forest (Ontario) and worked for a number of years in the carriage business, and later started his own carriage business. Tiring of that, he started farming. He was married for 50 years to Ella Tinning of Fullerton, Ontario. They had one son Francis who moved to Fillmore, Saskatchewan. James bought a farm at Innerkip and married Susan Glover (1846-1897) in 1873. The Glovers were from Plymouth (or sailed from there). After Susan died he married Grace Holtby.

Descendants of William Yeo & 1. Margery Rowell & 2. Elizabeth Beckley of Holsworthy, Devon

William was born in 1763 possibly in Launceston, Cornwall, the son of Thomas Yeo & Mary Featherstone. He married Margery in 1791 in Milton Damerell and their son William married Jane Fanson and emigrated to Canada between 1831 & 1834.
The 1851 Census shows their two younger children, James Henry and Elizabeth, living with their parents in a log shanty on half of Lot 28 Concession Range 4 in the Hibbert Twp. Perth Co. After Margery died, William married Elizabeth Beckley and their son Henry was baptised in Pancrasweek on the 26th May, 1811. Henry also emigrated to Canada and iIn 1851 he was living in Fullarton Twp and was a widower. With him was his son, William aged 4 born Canada. He then married Mary Cornforth Dobson and they settled in the Fullerton, Perth area.

Descendants of William Yeo & Grace Soper of Inwardleigh, Devon

William was born in Inwardleigh, Devon in 1806, the son of John Yeo & Joanna Keenor. He married Grace Soper in 1835 in Broadwoodwidger, Devon and emigrated in 1847 to the Hibbert, Perth area where he was a farmer.

Descendants of Benjamin Yeo & Mary Blatchford of Inwardleigh, Devon

Benjamin and Mary were married at the Wesleyan Church, Sticklepath in 1848, and he was then of Kerslake, Okehampton. His second child, William was born in London, Middlesex, Ontario in 1849 so they must have emigrated in that year.

Descendants of Isaac Yeo & Elizabeth Upright of Inwardleigh, Devon

William born 1789 in Sampford Courtenay, the eldest son of Isaac & Elizabeth Upright, married Elizabeth Rickard in 1818 at Stoke Damerel Parish Church. They emigrated to Canada in the late 1830's and settled in the York area of Ontario where he was a shoemaker.

Descendants of Robert Yeo & Sarah Harvey of South Tawton, Devon

Joseph, son of Robert Yeo & Sarah Harvey was born in South Tawton, Devon in 1826. He married Ann Gillard in London in 1857. When Joseph and Ann married they were living at Old Street, Saint Luke, Middlesex and Joseph was a tailor. In 1861 Joseph and Ann were living at the back of Fore Street in Tormoham, Torquay, Devon and Joseph was a tailor and in 1871 they were living at Maionette House, Ellacombe, Torquay, Devon. By 1881 they had all emigrated to Canada and were living in London, Middlesex, Ontario.

Descendants of George Yeo & Margery Cook of St Giles in the Wood, Devon

George, the youngest son of George & Margery was born in St Giles in the Wood, Devon in 1855. By 1875 he had emigrated to Canada and married Sarah Jane Williams in 1875 in Mitchell, Perth, Ontario. They then settled in the Teeswater, Bruce area. (George's ancestors)

Descendants of Robert Yeo & Agnes Bews of Merton, Devon

Robert, Susanna, Rebecca, William & George children of Robert and Agnes, all born in Merton, Devon emigrated to Canada around 1850 and settled in the Turnberry area of Huron. Robert married Elizabeth Risdon, and William married Elizabeth's sister, Jane Risdon. Susanna married John Diment in Great Torrington, Devon and Rebecca married James Hooper in 1861 in Turnberry. George married Charlotte Atfield in 1861 and they then settled in the Goderich, Huron area. (Robert's ancestors)

Descendants of Chammond Yeo & Margery Sharshell of Kilkhampton, Cornwall

James, Chammond and Daniel, sons of Chammond & Margery were all born in Cornwall and emigrated to Canada. Daniel emigrated to Ontario in 1845 after marrying Maria Kinsman and they settled in the Port Hope area. James, Daniel's elder brother emigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1848 with his second wife, Jane Skitch, they then moved to the Port Hope area. Chammond the youngest son, emigrated around 1845 as in 1848 he is listed as a tailor in the Clarke district. He became an auctioneer and real estate agent in the Howick, Huron area. Although he married twice he had no children and died in Vancouver in 1907.

Descendants of William Yeo & MaryAnn Hobbs of Kilkhampton, Cornwall

William & MaryAnn emigrated to Canada around 1863 as in 1861 they were living at West Thorne in Kilkhampton. Their eldest son William Thomas was the first to emigrate. He married Charlotte Bailey in 1857 in Morwenstow, Cornwall and their first child was born in Little Britain, Mariposa in 1859. John their second son married MaryAnn Tucker in 1863 in Kilkhampton, Cornwall and their first child was born in Little Britain in 1864. Charlotte, their eldest daughter married Richard Bonetta in 1858 in Stratton and Elizabeth Sarah their other daughter married John Lobb in Victoria, Ontario. (ancestral tree for William)

Descendants of Richard Yeo & Elizabeth Penfound of Stratton, Cornwall

Thomas, Richard & Elizabeth's only son was born in 1868 in Stratton, Cornwall. He emigrated to Canada in the 1890's and married Jessie Webster in 1900 in London, Middlesex, Ontario. They had no children and when Jessie died he married Kate Chisolm in 1918 in Wentworth, Hamilton.

Descendants of Richard Yeo & Rosina Victor of St Neot, Cornwall

Richard was the son of John Yeo & Eleanor May and was born in Blisland, Cornwall in 1815. He was a farm labourer but was also knowledgeable in use of explosives. He brought the family to Canada via Liverpool in 1871 and settled in the Oshawa, Ontario area.


Descendants of Frank Yeo & Emily Mary Ann Davey of Bampton, Devon

Frank Davey Yeo, born on January 25, 1905, in Lancashire, England, was the oldest of Frank and Emily Yeo's five children.After emigrating to Canada in 1913 with his mother and the next two oldest children, Stella and George, he joined his father - who had come overseas one year earlier - at a rented farmstead near Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan.

Prince Edward Island

Descendants of James Yeo & Honor Cornish of Kilkhampton, Cornwall

James, son of James Yeo & Ann Osborne emigrated to P.E.I. in the early 1830's and was succesful shipbuilder on the Island. In the late 1830's and early 1840's many of the rest of James's family emigrated to Prince Edward Island, encouraged by James and no doubt they helped to contribute to his business ventures. His sisters, Mary married John Hopgood and she died in P.E.I. in 1882 and Ann Maria married Samuel Rodd, a builder on the Island. His brother, John, married Caroline Taylor, and carried on the family trade as a boot and shoe maker. His step-brothers, Samuel married Nancy Prowse, Thomas married Betsey Hockridge and Lawrence married Catherine McIntosh, all were farmers. His step-sister, Barbara married William Maynard, and their son John married James's youngest daughter, Caroline (her second marriage) and Grace married Henry Adams and their son became Uncle James's clerk. James seniors, nephew Thomas also emigrated to the Island. He married Mary Ann Burrows in Morwenstowe, Cornwall, and was also a farmer on the Island. ( More Information)

Descendants of Thomas Yeo & MaryAnn Burrows of Kilkhampton, Cornwall

Thomas emigrated to Prince Edward Island around 1840/41 and was probably the son of Thomas Yeo born around 1767, son of James Yeo and Elizabeth Vincent. (ancestral tree)

Descendants of Robert Yeo & MaryAnn Fulford of Merton, Devon

Robert was the son of Richard Yeo & Susanna Pilliphant and was born in st Giles in the Wood, Devon. Richard was the brother of Robert, who married Agnes Bews so Robert was a cousin of the Yeos who emigrated to the Turnberry area of Canada. Robert and Mary Ann emigrated to Prince Edward Island in1848. They settled at Kildare Capes, later moving to Huntley (more information)

Descendants of Richard Yeo & Grace Lashbrook of Morwenstow, Cornwall

Richard married Grace on the 1st March, 1811in Morwenstow, Cornwall. They emigrated with their family to P.E.I. in the 1830's. (more information)

Descendants of Thomas Yeo & Sarah McIntyre of Launcells, Cornwall

Thomas was baptised in Launcells, the son of Thomas Yeo & Mary Gliddon. Father Thomas was the brother of the Richard who married Grace Lashbrook and their parents were Richard Yeo & Catherine Moyse.. (more information)


Descendants of Thomas Yeo & Ellen Flynn

The first mention of the name Yeo in Newfoundland was of a John Yeo, a fisherman who sailed from Plymouth, Devon. It is quite probable that Thomas who married Ellen Flynn was his son.

So many people have added information to these trees and the individual researchers can be directly contacted. However special thanks has to go to Carl Pontifax who collated all the William & Elizabeth Bexley descendants and Timothy Yeo who has continued this work. Alan Richards who had for many years researched all the Yeo Canadian families and shared this information with us and Norma Falconer who has collated all the Prince Edward Island descendants.

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