The Yea, Yeau, Yawe families of Somerset

Below is the outline descendancy tree for Joyce's husband, Harry, with some lovely photographs of their family.

Direct Descendants of William Yea and Jane Facey of Kingston, Somerset

  • 1 William Yea 1772 -
  • ... +Jane Facey
  • .. 2 Henry Yea 1822 -
  • ...... +Elizabeth Marsh
  • ....... 3 Harry Yea 1867 -
  • ............ +Emma Cox
  • ............ 4 Emma Susan Yea 1893 -
  • ................. +Stephen Foster
  • ................ 5 Harry Foster 1929 -
  • .....................+ Joyce Eveline May Hannaford


(On the left) The tall one holding the cat is my husband Harry at 13. His mum, Emma Foster, nee Yea, and his Dad, Stephen Foster.

(on the right) The one by himself is John Foster, my husbands brother, who sadly died as a result of a motor bike accident in 1937.

Regards Joyce

I included the one from our Golden Wedding Anniversary as everyone was there.It didn't come out very well. The back row l to r are Son in Law Robert (Bob) son Shaun, my brother David, Daughter Sandra, (Sandie)Harry, daughter Shelley,Son Stuart, Son Stephen, son in law Guy. second row l to r Shaun's ex girlfriend, daughter Sharon, Me,Katherine, Stuarts then wife, Karen, Stephens wife. The children l to r. In front of Sharon is her daughter Steffi,beside me, Rachel,in front of Karen, Matthew,her son,and kneeling, in the red shirt, our eldest grandson James. The adults kneeling and the children with them are my brothers daughters and their children They came over from the US to celebrate with us. The youngest Ellie was at home as it was an evening do. Sorry it is not clear. ill do better next time. Regards Joyce

Mike Darch also descends from William Yea & Jane Facey

Yea/Yaw/Yawe Parish Register events and Civil Registrations - 1550 - 1952 extracted by Peter Kelly




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