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William & Emma Alderman - Family Photographs

by Sean Yeo

William Yaw and Emma Alderman - Great Grandparents

Frederick Yeo and Ethel Mary Knight - Grandparents

The Knight Family - Grandmother & Great Aunt

John D Yeo and Mary Quigley - Parents


William Yaw and Emma Alderman (Back to top)

William was born 1868 in North Petherton, Somerset. and married Emma Alderman at Huntsham, Devon. in 1893 By 1901 William & Emma had moved to Basingstoke and William was a carter on a farm. By 1919 they had moved to Clay Lane, Fishbourne, Chichester.

Their children are:-

  • Robert James Yeo, born 1894 in Bampton
  • .William Yeo, born 1895 in Bampton, killed in the 1st World War
  • Frederick Yeo, born 1898 in Dulverton, Somerset.
  • John Yeo, born 1900 in Basingstoke, Hants; died 1970 in Chichester, Sussex.
  • Dorothy Emma Yeo, born 1902 in Basingstoke, Hants; died 1937 .
  • Bessie Yeo, born 1910 in Basingstoke who married Harold Wilmer.
Ethel with Violet and Frederick by the door and my great uncle Bob and great great grandmother Emma by the gate, at Salthill Fishbourne.

All their sons proudly served in the first world war, although tragedy struck the family when William was killed in 1919.


My great uncle Bob in 1914. (Robert James Yeo, b1894)

My grandfather  Frederick on war duties in the Royal Navy-HMS Zealand?- 7th October 1916, i
My great uncle John (always referred to as Jack though). In army uniform WW1



Great Aunt Dollie (with glasses) and Great Aunt Bessie taken in 1934. Dollie died tragically in a train accident near to Fishbourne on the Chichester to Portsmouth line in 1937. Having got off the train she walked around the back of it, crossing the line (as was fairly common in those days) and was hit by an oncoming train in the other direction.

Great Aunts Bessie and Dolly , Bognor 1935.  - What a catch!
Great Aunts Dollie and Bessie

Sean's Great Aunt Bessie was the daughter of William & Emma and sister of his grandfather Frederick. She was born in 1910 and made a trip to Devon in 1936, visiting relatives in Bampton and the grave of her brother William in Plymouth.

My Great Aunt Bessie in 1936 in Devon
Great Aunt Bessie - Plymouth 1936 at Will's grave
My Great Aunt Bessie in 1936 in Devon

Great Great Uncle Jack (Alderman) was Emma's brother (My Great Grandmother) and he was married to Emily.

The family lived in Bampton, Devon

Left - Great Great Uncle Jack, Great Aunt Bessie and Great Great Aunt Emily together with one other guy? and 2 younger boys

Right - My Great Great Aunt Emily and Great Great Uncle Jack in Bampton in 1936.


Frederick Yeo and Ethel Mary Knight (Back to top)

Children of Frederick Yeo and Ethel Knight are:

  • Violet E Yeo, born 1925 married Jim Smith.
  • Doris E Yeo, born 1926
  • John D Yeo, born 1928 married Mary Quigley
  • Peggy P Yeo, born 1929 married Alec Miles
  • Ethel M Yeo, born 1931

My grandfather and grandmother on their wedding day in 1925

Left to right-great aunt Alice, Frederick, Great Uncle Bob?,Ethel, Great Aunt Bessie or Dorothy (Dollie)?


My Grandfather Frederick and Grandmother Ethel, with my Aunt Violet on left and Aunt Doris on right.


Above - My Great Grandmother Emma, Grandfather Frederick, Great Grandfather William, Great Uncle Bob, Great Aunt Bessie

Right - This one shows, from l to r, my Dad, Bessie, my Great Grandmother Emma, Great Aunt Alice, (Clearly a tremendous rock within the family and who I have very fond memories of visiting upto the mid 70's in Chichester) and Great Grandfather William

My Aunts Peggy, Doris Violet and Dad in Bognor 1935 - obviously big family outing here!
My dad on the left at 17yrs old celebrating at VE-Day May 6th 1945 at a celebration children's party in Frederick Road, Fishbourne.

The Knight Family (Back to top)

Sean's grandfather, Frederick Yeo married Ethel Mary Knight. They were obviously a close family as Alice Knight, Ethel's sister appears in numerous photographs with Frederick's siblings and children.

I've attached one more beautiful photo taken of my Grandmother, Ethel Mary (seated on the right) and her sister Alice, taken circa 1912


My Great Aunt Alice and Great Aunt Dollie (Dollie born 1902 was the daghter of William Yeo & Emma Alderman)


Worthing - My Great Aunt Alice and my Aunt Vi. (Violet was the daughter of Frederick Yeo & Ethel Knight)


My beloved Grandmother Ehel Mary, who, although clearly having never met, have always felt a very strong bond with. My younger sister Laraine bears an incredible likeness to her. How tragic that my father and his 4 true sisters were deprived of her influence from such young ages.


Ethel Mary. my Grandmother

Middle - A very precious card of mine - my Grandmother died in 1931-I think I was always told by giving birth to her daughter Ethel? - just27 years old!


Children of Frederick Yeo and Hellen Pelling are:

  • Ronald Frederick Yeo
  • Barbara G Yeo
  • Phyllis M Yeo
  • David Brian Yeo
  • Dorothy Margaret R Yeo

John D Yeo and Mary Quigley (Back to top)

John D Yeo was born 1928 in Fishbourne, Sussex and married Mary Quigleyin 1955.

Their children are :-

  • Mary E Yeo who married Chris Neilan.
  • Sean M Yeo who married Diane Morris.
  • Ellen T Yeo who married Alan Cobb.
  • Katherine L Yeo who married Nick Drage.



Above - My elder sister Mary with dad around south coast somewhere.

Left - -Roll of Honour at the Oliver Whitby School, in Chichester, directly opposite the Cathedral (now a store-school closed in 1949-ish, I have a precious book on the school which gives many references to my dad who was there from age of 9 to 14 (had to leave then to support family).

Dad was an exceptionally intelligent man and you will see on the roll of honour (which is in Chichester somewhere) that he won 'Best Scholar' for two consecutive years 1941/42 (just behind a Shippam-the famous meat paste people from Chichester).


A shot of my beloved father taken in 2003






Sean in 1972

And finally a shot of a certain young man aged 13 taken in 1972 at the Wellingborough Grammar School at Prizegiving Day, where an old boy Sir David Frost was presenting...



Many thanks to Sean for sharing all these beautiful family photographs with us.

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