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Genealogy Report on all William Yaw & Betty Galsworthy's descendants can be viewed here

Sean's Family Photographs

The Yaw/Yawe/Yeo family around the Bampton area in the 1800's have caused alot of problems. The surname starts with Yawe and then switches to Yeo towards the end of the 1800's, so the civil registrations appear under either Yaw (Yawe) or Yeo, but then change prodominantly to Yeo. The family has one progenator, William Yaw who was born around 1754. William married Betty Galsworthy in Tiverton on the 5th June, 1786.

Sean's Tree

Sheila, My name is Sean Yeo. I am a 47year old chartered Civil Engineer and live in a village in Northamptonshire. I was born in Chichester and at the age of 4 Dad's job moved us all to Wellingborough, Northants. Dad (John Yeo) died in 2004 and this prompted me to re-kindle my pursuit of my family history which I had started some years previously.

In Memory of
Leading Stoker WILLIAM YEO

K/27880, H.M.S. "Iron Duke.", Royal Navy
who died age 24
on 28 June 1919
Son of William and Emma Yeo, of Clay Lane, Fishbourne, Chichester.
Remembered with honour

I attach a spreadsheet which traces back to the latter part of the 1900's, however, despite a considerable number of internet/census searches over the years I have not found any more detail for my relatives at, or before, this time. I had believed my father had talked about the Yeo's as 'farm labouring' people who lived around the Bampton area. An old family photo (attached) shows some connection here (Bampton signpost). Again, census records at 1901 and prior to this have offered no support for this.

My father used to tell me that the menfolk in the family would have the job of moving/driving (on foot) herds of cattle from Devon to the Kent area-(Romney?) and were always impressed with the West Sussex, Chichester area and vowed to set up home there one day. This they did, sometime between 1900 and 1915, I believe.

My Aunt's gave me your details and website and hence, now this contact. Is there any obvious connection/leads with the names on my 'family tree' that you could give me? The first exciting link, over all the last few years of painstaking research, has just been on your website, where my Great Uncle William (Bill) is identified on the 'Honour' listing page from WW1-he died onboard the Iron Duke in the Mediterranean in 1919 as 'Chief Stoker'. His dad William and mum Emma were living in Fishbourne, just next to Chichester at that time. Sheila, I do hope you are able to give me some leads, and would thank you, warmly, in anticipation of this. Kind Regards, Sean

My reply:- Hi Sean,  This is the 1871 where William is living with his Uncle Thomas and as you can see it is registered under Yaw.  His birth certificate is also under Yaw registration district Tiverton and I can give you the number if you would like to order this or will do this for you. Sean,  The reason you have had so much difficulty with your line is that the name changes from Yaw to Yeo in the late 1800's.  Attached is the 1901 census where you can see William was born in North Petherton in Somerset, although in 1871 he is living with his Uncle in Bampton.  Re his parentage I have it as Robert but it could be an illigetimate birth which was why it was in Somerset and not Bampton.  I will of course help you all I can, but this will start you off. Kind Regards, Sheila

We then found this entry in the Huntsham Parish Registers.

YEO William (s/o Robert) ALDERMAN Emma 23-May 1893 Huntsham daughter of James Devon

So we now know his father was Robert and in the 1891Census, father Robert Yeo is lodging with Emma's family.

Sean's line of descent

1 William Yaw b: 1754 d: 17 May 1829 in Cheriton Fitzpaine
.. +Betty Galsworthy
. 2 John Yaw b: 23 Aug 1792
..... +Sarah
..... 3 Robert Yaw b: 1830
......... +Susan Morris
......... 4 William Yaw b: 1868
............. +Emma Alderman

............ 5 Frederick Yeo b: 1898
................ +Ethel Mary Knight
................ 6 John D Yeo b: 1928
.................... +Mary Quigley
.................... 7 Sean M Yeo b: 1958

Sean has sent me these beautiful family photographs to share with everyone.


Sean & his family taken recently on a holiday on the west coast of Ireland




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