Devon Visitations (Pedigree Rolls)

There are three versions of Visitations that I am aware of, and each one is different, although they were all copied from the original Visitation Rolls.

The first version of the 1620 Devon Visitations, was copied by Lt/Col Vivian in 1895 and should be viewed with caution as there are many mistakes, both in the early descent and some of the information he has added. The positioning of the arms is important as these are carried on into the Rolle Visitations in the same order and with a full description of the Coats of Arms and if correct record the true Yeo line of descent.

The second version was copied by Mr Frederick Colby in 1881 and is from the 1564 Devon Visitations. This one has the visitations for the Braunton Yeos (descended from William's elder brother, Richard)

The third version, which I have not included, was copied by Westcott.

1620 Visitations



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