Evidence of the correct Yeo Coat of Arms

There have been many arguments over the correct Yeo coat of arms, it appears in heraldry books as three drakes, mallards or turkey cocks and the colours range from black ducks (sable) to blue ducks (azure). These photographs prove that the correct coat of arms consisted of blue ducks (mallards/drakes) on a silver background, with a black chevron

The window taken from inside the vestry

Petrockstowe Church

This stained glass window was placed in St Petrocks Church, Petrockstowe, Devon, around 1450 by Phillipa Bonville, who was the wife of William Grenville, parents of Ellen Grenville who married William Yeo. (see relationship to Prince William) Unfortunately the window was moved some years ago, into the church vestry and when it was moved the panes of glass were placed in the wrong order and sometimes reversed, In fact the only shields which are correctly shown are the two Yeo ones, all the rest are reversed. However, these two shields are in the wrong order, and have been damaged, losing their chevrons. On the left hand one, if you look carefully you can see the leopard's face that indicates William was the younger son of John Yeo & Alice Jewe

It is impossible to photograph the window from outside the church as it has been protected with a metal mesh, and has to be seen from within the vestry. This means, also that it has been impossible to clean away the hundreds of years of grime as the outside of the window is inaccessible and many of the colours, such as the green background on the Jewe shield and the red Bend on the Bonville ? arms are barely visible.


The window from the outside of the church

St Petrocks Church, Petrockstowe, Devon

In the second photograph, I have flipped the coats of arms to their correct orientation, (except for the Yeo one..) but not order....... .Starting from the top

Left hand window Bonville/Grenville Right hand window Grenville/Gorges (Ellen's brother, Thomas married Elizabeth Gorges)

1st Row Left Hand Bonville? Bigbury Right Hand Bonville? Jewe

2nd Row Yeo, Yeo(younger branch- see the tiny leopard's face set in the chevron) Right Hand.... Bigbury and some kind of symbolism

Hatherleigh Church

Hatherleigh was the home of John Yeo, son of Nicholas Yeo, son of William Yeo and Ellen Grenville, who married Ann Honeychurch. Their eldest son, Robert, married Mary Gifford, and their eldest son, John, married Rebecca Rolle.

This stained glass window appears in Hatherleigh Church and was put there to commemorate the marriage of John Yeo and Ann Honeychurch around 1530. The shield on the left is the Yeo coat of arms and on the right the Honeychurch coat of arms.

If you look carefully you can see the crescent at the top of the chevron, denoting that this is the younger branch of Yeos, i.e. son of Nicholas, second son of William and Ellen.

This commemorative plaque was placed in Hatherleigh Church to commemorate the marriage of John Yeo of Hatherleigh to Ann Harding of Long Bridy, Dorset, around 1630. All around the outside are the different coats of arms attributed to the two families, On the right I have blown up the top shield, which has the quartering of the Yeo, Giffard, Rolle and Harding families. It was their children who emigrated to Virginia in the mid 1600's
Huish was the home of Leonard Yeo, brother of John of Hatherleigh. This is where the present Heanton Satchville, home of Lord Clinton has now been built.

Huish Church

The coats of arms on the right relate to the marriage of Richard Yeo & Elizabeth Dell. The background has the Yeo coat of arms and the female Dell coat of arms is in the middle of the shield. The church is still used by Lord Clinton & his family and in the churchyard many of his ancestors are buried. There is a private direct link to Heanton Satchville.

Chittlehampton Church

This was where Leonard of North Petherwin had lands, as well as North Petherwin and Swimbridge. His son Edmond married Elizabeth Killigrew, against his father's wishes and there are many deeds relating to this as Edmond contested his father's will. Leonard of North Petherwin was the younger son of John and Ann Honeychurch, and when he died he left his lands in trust, (Leonard of Huish and John of Hatherleigh to be trustees), so that the properties would go directly to his grandson, Paul Yeo. Paul Yeo married Elizabeth Yeo of Huish thus ensuring the family wealth.

On the left is the plaque and on the right is the coat of arms of Edmond Yeo and Elizabeth Killigrew. The Killigrew family are said to have descended from the Earls of Cornwall, hence their arms with the two headed eagle.

North Petherwin Church

Leonard of North Petherwin married Gertrude Stapleton, who was also the widow of Baldwin Acland. He aquired many lands included North Petherwin, and was extremely wealthy.

On the left the plaque to Leonard and Gertrude and on the right the shield with the Yeo and Stapleton arms.

Above are the arms of Edmond Herring, who was the vicar of North Petherwin in the 1700's entwined with those of Susanna Yeo, daughter of Richard Yeo of Huish & Elizabeth Dell


On the left is a memorial plaque to Edmond and Elizabeth's three daughters who died young. The Yeo and Killigrew arms can be seen in the bottom left hand corner






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