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Updated Information
1st Aug, 2016 Yeo Ho Newsletters by Alan Richards
20th July, 2015 The Yea family revised by Mike Darch and David Yea
20th July, 2015 Thomas Yea of Yea by David Yea
17th Nov 2013 Missing entries 1916 in Yeo Wills
26th Sep, 2013 Additions to War Heroes
22nd Jan, 2013 Additions on Leslie James Yeo by Mark Watson
16th Jan, 2012 Obituaries
27th Oct 2011 England & Wales 1911 census collated by Mike Darch
10th May 2011 James Tinson and Mary Yeo by Janette Sullivan, nee Tinson
18th Dec 2010 Ronald Hearn - Famous International Medium
27th Feb 2010 Henry Gaydon & Grace Yeo, Can you help?
16th Nov, 2009 The Mystery of Maria Pinsent's Parents.
15th Oct, 2009 The Hearder Family
11th June, 2009 Zachary Purchase - Gold Medallist in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
9th June, 2009 The South Tawton Yeo Families
12th May, 2009 The family of Isaac and Harriet Yeo - a (not so) brief history by Julian Yeo
17th April, 2009 Additions to Joseph & Ann Westcott family pages
29th Mar 2009 Yeo Origins by Sheila Yeo
13th Mar, 2009 Arthur George Yeo of Ilfracombe
22nd Jan, 2009 Thomas Banbury & Grace Yeo
30th Oct, 2008 Aaron James Churchill, Aunt Mabel, Landlady of the Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton
7th Sept, 2008 Walter Ernest O'Neil Yeo - One of the first people to undergo Plastic Surgery
10th May, 2008 Bartholomew Yeo & Zenobia Halse Descendants, John Yeo & Elizabeth Brace of Tawstock, Devon, John Yeo & Emma Selwood of Tawstock & USA, John Yeo & Emma Selwood's Children, USA, The Selwood Family by Kathryn Kelly & Shirley Peacock.
30th April, 2008 Biographies -Henry Yeo & Ellen Physic of Alphington, Devon and Lambeth, London, Leather Manufacturers
28th April, 2008 Biographies - Richard Soper Yeo & Esther Todd of Lifton & Washington, USA
27th April 2008
9th April 2008 Canadian Early Yeo Pioneers and Canadian Records
19th Feb 2008 Descendants of Richard Yea of Wiveliscombe & Robert Yeaw of Kingston, Somerset by Mike Darch
20th Nov 2007 Many additional 1911 & 1901 Census records for Canada
16th Nov 2007 Yeo researcher - Jacob Yeo & Ann Reader of Wilts & East London
20th Sep 2007 Sir Alfred William Yeo - MP
20th Aug 2007 Ramon Yeo, Mayor of Exeter
18th Aug 2007 Lloyd Garfield Yeo - Update
27th Nov 2006 Yeo Birth, Marriage & Death Civil Registration, now searchable on-line
29 June 2006 Additions & corrections to The Yeo family of Lyneham, Wilts, including a photograph of Daniel Joseph Yeo & his family in 1901.
23 May 2006 Biography on Lloyd Garfield Yeo
2 April 2006 Case of Esturmy v Earl of Devon, (Edward Courtenay) re Robert Yeo & John Langford, 1392 , DNA Project , New researcher, David Treloar, descendant of Susan Scone
24 Mar 2006 The Beaumont Family & The Bassett Lands, Portrait of Richard Yeo the engraver, Edwin Humphrey Sandys hatchment, displaying all the Yeo and quartering families together
19 Mar 2006 Richard Yeo & Petronella Tossell, The Arundel Family with tree to William Arundel Yeo, Edward Rooe Yeo & the Huish Estates
3 Mar 2006 1911 Canadian Census, indexed in families and alphabetical order
27 Jan 2006 Bibliographies on Catherine Jemmat and Leslie James Yeo, additional photograph for Herbert Thomas Yeo, (Inwardleigh branch)
26 Jan 2006 Yewe/Yeo family from Wiltshire,
24 Jan 2006 New Researcher, Jane Hanbridge researching Simon Yeo & Agnes Prout
17 Jan 2006 Yea. Yowe, Yeow, Yaw & Yowe BMD 1550 - 1952
16 Jan 2006 England & Wales Parish & Civil records & Indexes, Full Early Wills PDF,
16 Nov 2005 Australian BMD, Australian Families World War 1 & 2, Australian Short Bibliographies
28 April 2005 Additional photographs of the George Henry Knowlson Yeo Branch
2 Mar 2005 Aditional photographs re Inwardleigh Yeos and reorganisation and splitting of pages, now Descendants of Isaac & Christain Frost, and Descendants of Thomas & Joan Gale.
9 Feb 2005 Additions to tree, photograph and tree for Susan Yeo ne Scown of Werrington, Devon
20 Jan 2005 PCC Will Index 1936 - 1943, Additions on Roll of Honour
5 Nov 04 Update of information on the Yeo Roll of Honour
5 Nov 04 Requesting help for transcribing, typing and proof reading wills
5 Nov 04 Biography for Richard Yeo, Chief Engraver to the Royal Mint
5 Jul 04 Additional information & photographs from Danielle Boughton re Minnie Margaret Yeo & Samuel Boughton, Swimbridge tree
23 Jun 04 Photographs of Mary Ann Ferraro and family, granddaughter of Francis Yeo & Charlotte Brooking
4 Jun 04 Additional researcher on the Inwardleigh tree, Sue Poyntz, descends from Richard Yeo & Loveday Turner
4 June 04 Amendment re Margaret Bonet's name, additional researcher, Faye Skilbeck, plus photographs of Anna Maria Martin nee Yeo and Thomas & Emma Doney nee Yeo
3 Jun 04 Two new researchers on the Atherington Yeo branch, James R Yeo & Carole Harnden
3 Jun 04 Letter & photograph from Ricardo Zavala Yoe re John Yoe of Mexico
3 Jun 04 Additions South Tawton, photo & tree of Elizabeth Payne ne Yeo
31 May 04 Correction on the Roll of Honour for Douglas Henry Yeo, grandson of William & Mary (ne Vanstone) Yeo
4 May 04 Photograph of Jane Aurther Yeo, and update of Henry & Susannah Barrow page
4 May, 04 Additional researchers, Robert & Johane Arscott, Henry Yeo & Jane Aurther & Chammond & Margery Sharshell including photograph of Samuel Chammon Yeo.
30 April, 04 A very informative letter from John German re "Lets build a tree", correction re photographs, Thirzia Yeo
16 April, 04 Photographs from Lorraine Lund re Robert & Mary Ann Fulford branch.
14 April, 04 On-line trees for some branches, see index. I will make others available as time permits
13 April 04 Additions, Family Researchers, to William & Mary Weymouth branch & Benjamin & Grace Oke +photograph
2 April, 04 Biographies on James & Honour Cornish, Eliza of Mortehoe and the Swimbridge, Australian families.
18 Mar 04 Photographs of Albina Yeo & her husband, Samuel Yeo/Nancy Prouse branch from Sylvia Warner
9 Mar 04 Additional . information John/Ann Ellis + many more early wills
2 Mar 04 Loaded Post 1858 Yeo Will Index 1858-1935
1 Mar 04 Added more wills to the Early will Index
29 Feb 04 Henry & Susannah Barrow - photographs of Rachel's grandmother and her brother, Frederick James Yeo
29 Feb 04 Letter re Joshua Yeo from Mary Hummell
29 Feb 04 Upload of more early wills
28 Feb /04 Additions, Family Researchers, Thomas & Elizabeth Hancock, Joseph & Ann Westcott, Henry & Susannah Barrow
25 Feb 04 Isaac & Harriet Palmer - additional photographs
24 Feb 04 Yoe Researchers + Make a Yoe Tree, updating of Henry/Susannah Barrow, Isaac & Ann Harvey,John & Elizabeth Harvey
23 Feb 04 John Yeo & Elizabeth Harvey - descendants of Francis and Ann Brooking addition
23 Feb 04 Message re re-newing current e-mail addresses
23 Feb 04 Descendants of Benjamin Yeo & Mary Wade - photographs of M.I.'s in Bradworthy Church Yard
23 Feb 04 Chamond Yeo - Obituary for Samuel, son of James & Jane Skitch
14. Feb.04 Yeo Reunion - Owen Sound, 11 Sept. 2004, for all descendants of William and Margery Rowell
14 Feb 04 Tree for Chammond Yeo
14 Feb 04 New Researcher's page for Chammond Yeo of Kilkhampton including photographs
14 Feb 04 Tree for James & Elizabeth Braund
14 Feb 04 Yeo Researchers - Most of the pages have been edited with additional researchers some with additional researchers
31.Jan 04 Yeo Researchers - William & Margery Rowell/Elizabeth Beckley
31.Jan 04 Yeo Researchers - William & Mary Weymouth
31.Jan 04 Yeo Researchers Robert & Rose Cory Page
31.Jan 04 Yeo Researchers -Sheila Handley - James & Elizabeth Braund
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