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14th March, 2006

The site has now been restructered so hopefully it will be easier to navigate. My son, Terry came home for a few days from Boston and wow was it stressful. He taught me how to use style sheets in Dreamweaver MX and set up the drop down menues for me. He also designed the new front page which is much more inviting.

Re the use of PDF files if you have difficulty opening these can you please let me know as I know on some computers that have Windows XP or high security there is a problem. These files are enormous and this was the only realistic way I could make them available to everyone. The other problem than might be encountered is not being able to view the dropdown menus as some browsers stop this function however the content can be reached either by using the content page or clicking on the headings across the top, where I have linked a page with the headings.

I have now starting using jpeg pictures for larger trees, if you click on the when it appears on the right hand corner, this will expand the pictures and make them easier to see.

Also if there are any lost links or obvious errors such as text alignment, please e-mail me as the style sheets sent everything haywire...

My thanks to all the people who have contributed to the site, the family pages are just wonderful and really make the site. If anyone has anymore photographs or information we would love to include it. Kind Regards, Sheila





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