Yeo Births, Marriages & Deaths in Australia 1850 - 1970

Australian records are one of the most difficult to obtain for genealogists. Each state has its own records and except for NSW and Victoria these are not readily available and often extremely expensive. Over the years between us we had accumulated many Yeo event records and thought it would help future researchers if we made these available. My special thanks to Gordon Beach, Margaret Collins, Julie Hempenstall, MargM and Dave Evans who all helped me obtain many of the Australian Records even though they aren't Yeo descendants.

Yeo families in Western AustraliaYeo research in Western AustraliaYeo Families  in South AustraliaYeo Research in QueenslandYeo  Families in NSWYeo Research in Victoria
My thanks also to all the many Yeo Descendants who live in Australia and have shared their genealogy with me and Martyn Yeo who helped me with the typing up of all these records and his IT support

This is in PDF format so that it is easier to load and view. Just click on the bookmarks and these will take you straight to the selected set of records. You can adjust the size for viewing in Acrobat to make it easier to read (about 150% )

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Contents of PDF File - 1850 - 1950

  • Births - New South Wales in alphabetical order
  • Births - New South Wales in families
  • Marriages - New South Wales
  • Deaths - New South Wales
  • Births - Queensland in alphabetical order
  • Births Queensland - in families
  • Marriages - Queensland
  • Deaths - Queensland
  • Births - South Australia in alphabetical order
  • Births - South Australia in families
  • Marriages - South Australia
  • Deaths - South Australia
  • Births - Victoria in alphabetical order
  • Births - Victoria in families
  • Marriages - Victoria
  • Deaths - Victoria
  • Births - Western Australia in alphabetical order
  • Births - Western Australia in families
  • Marriages - Western Australia
  • Deaths - Western Australia
  • Births - New Zealand
  • Marriages - New Zealand
  • Deaths - New Zealand


Note . Whilst the information is correct as far as I am aware any new researchers will need to check the original references to confirm this. I would also be interested in any feedback or additional information.



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