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1918 - 1923

Chr. Name
Place Details
Charles 1918 Luffincott, Devon Admin of the effects of Charles Yeo of Luffincott, died 8 May, 1918, to John Henry Tubb, farmer. Effects 2,431
Edwin William 1918 Prestbury, Nr Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Will of Edwin William Yeo of Blenheim Cottage, Prestbury, Nr. Cheltenham, died 10 September, 1918. Probate to Frances Mary, widow. Effects 11,960
Emily Laura 1918 Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants Admin of th effects of Emily Laura Yeo of 107, Haslemere Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, w/o William Thomas Yeo, died 28 May, 1918, to said William Thomas Yeo. Effects 351
Frederick Thomas 1918 Lympstone, Devon Will of Frederick Thomas Yeo of Lympstone, fishdealer, died 30 January, 1918, probate to Mary Jane Yeo, widow. Effects 225
Henry Treble 1918 Bude, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Henry Treble Yeo of Burnview House, Bude, Cornwall, died 20 March 1918, to Annie Marie, widow. Effects 1472
Henry 1918 Arlington, Devon Will of Henry Yeo of Brinscombe Farm, Arlington, died 13 June, 1918 at 35, Bear Street, arnstaple, probate to William Pugsley, grocer. Effects 209
Jessie 1918 Luffincott, Devon Admin of the effects of Jessie Yeo of Luffincot, Devon, widow, died 25 May, 1918, to John Henry Tabb, farmer. Effects 555
John 1918 Plymouth Will of John Yeo of Seymour Road, Plymouth, died 7 May, 1918. Probate to John Henry Beckly, draper and Frank Price, chartered accountant. Effects 102,706. 14s 11d
Samuel Luxmore 1918 Thruselton, Devon Will of Samuel Luxmore Yeo of Orchard Farm, Thruselton, retired farmer, died 30 April, 1918, probate to Ernest John Yeo and William Samuel Yeo, farmers. Effects 2,267. 1s
Thomas 1918 Burrington, Devon Will of Thomas Yeo of Braggermesh, Burrington, Devon, died 20 May, 1918, to William Yeo (yg), farmer. Effects 61
Thomas 1918 West Putford, Devon Will of Thomas Yeo of Longs Cottscott, West Putford, died 15 May, 1918. Probate to Mary Jane Yeo, spinster. Effects 660
Thomas 1918 Portishead, Bristol Admin of the effects of Thomas Yeo of the cot, St Marys Road, Portishead, schoolmaster, died 14 October, 1918. Admin to Mary Elizabeth Yeo, widow. Effects 667. 6s 3d
Ann 1919 Exeter Will of Ann Yeo of 41, Elmside, Exeter, widow, died 21 November, 1918 to James Henry Gammon, builder and William Pyke Gammon, timber merchant.
Ann 1919 Honor Oak, Surrey Will of Ann Yeo of 1, Therepia Road, Honor Oak, Surrey, widow, died 3 January, 1919. Probate to James Yeo, ironmonger, Ellen Maud Yeo, spinster & Stanley Mancaew Hills, electrical engineer. Effects 977. 1s
Caroline Loveday 1919 Bodmin, Cornwall Will of Caroline Loveday Yeo of Bodmin, widow, died 12 November, 1918. Probate granted to Florence Alice Spears, w/o Joseph Hicks Spears. Effects 551
Charles Lionel 1919 Ascot, Berks Admin of the effects of Charles Lionel Yeo of 4, Course Side, Ascot, Berks, died 19 November, 1918, to Charles Yeo, bootmaker. Effects 32
Dorothy Jane 1919 Chapmanswell, Devon Admin of the effects of Dorothy Jane Yeo of Chapmanswell, St Giles in the Heath, Devon, spinster, died 4 March, 1919, to Thomas Yeo, farmer. Effects 392
Ellen 1919 Chapmanswell, Devon Admin of the effects of Ellen Yeo of Chapmanswell, St Giles in the Heath, spinster, died 25 April, 1917 to Thomas Yeo, farmer. Effects 252
Emily 1919 Plymouth Admin of the effects of Emily Yeo of 24, Wembury Park Road, Plymouth, w/o Frederick Charles Yeo, died 11 March, 1919, to said Frederick Charles Yeo, Second Lieutenant, Devon Regiment. Effects 258
John 1919 Mortehoe, Devon Will of John Yeo of Sea View Cottage, Mortehoe, Devon, labourer, died 3 January, 1919. Probate granted to Samuel John Yeo, coast watcher and William Ashplant, subpostmaster. Effects 468. 14s
John James 1919 Paignton Will of John James Yeo of Rose Bank, Fisher Street, Paignton, died 2 January, 1919. Probate to Ellen Susanna Yeo, widow. Effects 1,330
Joseph 1919 Chapmanswell, Devon Admin of the effects of Joseph Yeo of Chapmanswell, St Giles in the Heath, died 21 February, 1919, to Emily Yeo, widow. Effects 659
Lucy 1919 Swallowfield, Berks Will of Lucy Yeo of Riseley, Swallowfield, Berks, died 12 December, 1918. Probate granted to William Albert Dodd, tailor and William Yeo, builder. Effects 138
Mary Ann 1919 Plymouth Will of Mary Ann Yeo of 18, May Terrace, Plymouth, spinster, died 24 November, 1918.. Probate to Alfred Yeo, Managing Director. Effects 1,454
Richard 1919 Okehampton Will of Richard Yeo of 21, Kembley Road, Okehampton, retired master outfitter, died 4 October, 1918. Probate to Adeline Yeo, widow. Effects 1,615
Sarah 1919 Heavitree Will of Sarah Yeo of 15, Mont de Grand Road, Heavitree, widow, died 3 September, 1919. Probate granted to Minnie Frances Spear. Effects 655
William 1919 Launceston St Stephen Admin of the effects of William Yeo of Underwood Street, St Stephens,Launceston, died 21 March, 1919. Admin to Thomas Yeo, farmer.
William Henry 1919 Exmouth, Devon Admin of the effects of William Henry Yeo of St Michael, Exmouth, died 24 January, 1912, to Elisie Annie Yeo, spinster. Effects 1,000
Charles 1920 Pyworthy, Devon Will of Charles Yeo of Little Knowle, Pyworthy, Devon, died 13 March, 1920 to John Yeo, farmer and Kezia Jane Sangwin, widow. Effects 232
Eliza Bernard 1920 Fremington, Devon Will of Eliza Barnard Arundell Yeo of Fremington House, died 3 December, 1912 at Hentane, France, probate granted to Dame Constance Barnard Baird, widow. Effects 103,123.
Elizabeth 1920 Weston Peverell, Plymouth, Devon Will of Elizabeth Yeo of the Beacon, Weston Peverell, Plymouth, widow, died 29 July, 1920 at Larryn, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Probate granted to Thomas Doney, contractor. Effects 449
Georgina 1920 Devonport Admin of the effects of Georgina Yeo of 12, Seaton Place, Ford, Devonport, w/o Samuel Thomas Parce Yeo, died 6 September, 1920, to said Samuel Yeo, Lieutenant, RN. Effects 80
Maud Rebecca 1920 Swindon, Wilts Admin of the effects of Maud Rebecca Yeo of 48, Eastcott Road, Swindon, Wilts, died 29 January, 1920, to William Daniel Yeo, railway foreman. Effects 104
William John 1920 Plymouth Will of William John Yeo, of 8, York Street, Plymouth, died 18 November, 1919. Probate granted to Henry Franklyn Yeo, schoolmaster and Sophie Frances Yeo, spinster. Effects 10,084
Clara Louisa 1921 Bermondsey, Surrey Admin of the effects of Clara Louisa Yeo of 41, Earl Road, Bermondsey, Surrey, w/o Francis Frederick Yeo, died 17 May, 1921 to said Francis Frederick Yeo, miller effects 133
Emma 1921 Bideford, Devon Will of Emma Yeo of 16, RichmondTerrace, Bidiford, widow, died 24 June, 1921. Probate granted to Arthur Willie Cock, auctioneer. Effects 171
Emma 1921 Cardiff, Glamorgan Will of Emma Yeo of 16, Malifant Place, Cardiff, widow, died 14 April, 1920. Probate granted to Ernest Yeo, ironmonger. Effects 90
Frederick Arthur 1921 Foxfield, Lancs Will of Frederick Arthur Yeo of Well House, Foxfield Lane, died 13 December, 1921. Probate granted to Ella Daggett Yeo, spinster. Effects 158
Richard 1921 Stratford, Essex Admin of the effects of Richard Yeo of 23a Waddington Road, Stratford, Essex, died 4 September, 1921, to Ellen Yeo. Effects 251
William Charles 1921 Torquay Will of William Charles Yeo of 26, Princes Road, Torquay, died 17 December, 1920. Probate granted to Cecilia Yeo. Effects 272
John Blackmore 1922 Barnstaple, Devon Will of John Blackmore Yeo, died 23 April, 1921, probate granted to John Blackmore Yeo & Fred Yeo, butchers and Thomas Yeo, porter
Mary 1922 Streatham, Surrey Will of Mary Yeo of West Court, Streatham, Surrey, died 13 June, 1922. Probate granted to Gerald Yeo, Barrister at Law. Effects 14,786
Mary 1922 Liskeard, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Mary Yeo, spinster, died 13 September, 1922, to William Yeo, retired quarry foreman.
William Henry 1922 Okehampton, Devon Will of William Henry Yeo, of 66, North Street, Barnstaple, retired printer, died 12 March, 1922 to Elizabeth Augusta Yeo, widow. Effects 941
Abraham George 1922 Swindon, Wilts Will of Abraham George Yeo of 61, Red Cliffe Street, Swindon, Wilts, died 5 February, 1922. Probate granted to Theophilius William Yeo, boiler maker and Robert Edwin Jefferies, platelayer. Effects 145
Albert Edward 1922 Stratford, Essex Will of Albert Edward Yeo, of 8, Malhew Park Avenue, Romford Road, Stratford, died 22 January, 1922, probate granted to Emma Maud Yeo, widow. Effects 2263.
Daniel 1922 Poundstock, Cornwall Will of Daniel Yeo of Bayers, Poundstock, Cornwall, died 21 July, 1922. Probate granted to Claude Sherwell Yeo, smallholder. Effects 342
Frederick Frank 1922 Southsea, Portsmouth, Hants Admin of the effects of Frederick Frank Yeo of 26, Abingdon Road, Southsea, Hants, died 20 July, 1922, to Ada May Yeo, widow. Effects 180
Harriett Emelin 1922 Holsworthy, Devon Admin of the effects of Harriett Emelin Yeo of High Street, Holsworthy, Devon, wife of Alfred Yeo, died 7 February, 1922, to said Alfred Yeo, draper.
Jessie Mary 1922 Norwood, Surrey Will of Jessie Mary Elizabeth Yeo of 15, The Broadway, West Norwood, Surrey, w/o James Yeo, died 6 September, 1922, at Wandsworth Common, to said James Yeo, merchant. Effects 279
Maria 1922 Frome, Somerset Will of Maria Yeo of 34, Keyford, Frome, w/o Henry Yeo, died 20 March 1922, probate granted to James Yeo, bootchecker.
Maria 1922 Plumstead, Kent Will of Maria Yeo of 14, Pattison Road, Plumstead, Kent, widow, died 3 July, 1922, probate granted to Frederick Thomas Knapman. Effects 3,521
Augustus 1923 Lindthorpe, Middlesborough Will of Augustus Yeo of 4, Heath Crescent, Lindthorpe, Middlesborough, died 2 April, 1923 to Sarah Margaret Yeo, widow. Effects 1,039
Edward 1923 Bermondsey, Surrey Will of Edward Yeo of 158, Tower Bridge, Bermondsey, Surrey, died 2 January, 1923, to Edwin John Yeo, Borough Council Foreman. Effects 789
Edward 1923 Finsbury Park, London Admin of the effects of Edward Yeo of 12, Wilberforce Road, Finsbury Park, died 16 October, 1923, to Rosina Elizabeth Yeo, widow. Effects 364
Eliza 1923 Swansea, Glamorgan Will of Eliza Yeo of 38, Fabian Street, St Thomas, Swansea, widow, died 11 March, 1923, probat granted to Sarah Yeo, spinster
Elizabeth Augusta 1923 Okehampton Will of Elizabeth Augusta Yeo of 66, North Street, Okehampton, widow, died 17 July, 1923. Probate granted to William Henry Yeo, ironmonger and Frances Bessie Yeo, spinster. Effects 1,954
Ellen 1923 Exeter Will of Ellen Yeo of 13, Brook Green Terrace, Well Street, Exeter, widow, died 2 May, 1923, at 114, Blackboy Road, Exeter. Probate granted to Henry Williams, tailor.
Frederick William 1923 East Ham, Essex Admin of the effects of Frederick William Yeo of 40, Rancliffe Road, East Ham, Essex, died 4 July, 1923, to Lydia Yeo, widow. Effects 566
Harold Bowden 1923 Exeter, Devon Admin of the effects of Harold Bowden Yeo of 8, Hillsborough Avenue, Exeter, died 10 June, 1923, to Charles Henry Yeo, estate agent. Effect 239
Katherine Emily 1923 Eastbourne, Sussex Will of Katherine Emily Yeo of Austin's Close, Silverdale Road, Eastbourne, w/o Sandford Helsham Yeo, died 24 October, 1922. Probate granted to said Sandford Helsham Yeo, retired Captain, H.M. Army. Effects 6,467
Mary Frances 1923 St Johns Wood, London Will of Mary Frances Yeo of 38, Carlton Hill, St Johns Wood, widow, died 28 March, 1923, probate given to Louisa Elizabeth Lucretia Read, spinster. Effects 1282
Matthew 1923 Holsworthy, Devon Will of Mathew Yeo of the Stanhope Hotel, Holsworthy, Devon, died 18 June, 1923. Probate granted to William Beckley, builder. Effects 505
Norah 1923 Penryn, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Norah Yeo of College Budock, Penryn, Cornwall, w/o Richard Samuel Yeo, died 17 August, 1923, to Richard Samuel Yeo, Army Pensioner. Effects 568
Sophia 1923 Plymouth Will of Sophia Yeo of 8, York Street, Plymouth, widow, died 1 March, 1923. Probate granted to Henry Franklyn Yeo, schoolmaster and Sophia Frances Yeo, spinster. Effects 4,509
William 1923 Swansea, Glamorgan Admin of the effects of William Yeo of 14, Gwydr Crescent, Swansea, died 8 May, 1923, to Annie Yeo, widow. Effects 3826

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