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Alfred 1924 Holsworthy, Devon Will of Alfred Yeo of Albion House, High Street, Holsworthy, died 6 October, 1924. Probate granted to Courtney Cyril Yeo, Chartered Accountant. Effects 3,326
Annette 1924 Stood, Gloucestershire Will of Annette Yeo of 46,Slad Road, Stroud, Glos, died 29 January, 1924, probate granted to Kathleen Mary Coamer, w/o Charles Edward Coamer. Effects 378
Benjamin 1924 Liverpool Admin of the effects of Benjamin Yeo, of 59, Bodwin Road, Walton, Liverpool, died 14 July, 1924 to John Edward Yeo, railway carriage foreman. Effects 538
Edmond Gore 1924 Bayswater, London Admin of the effects of Edmond Gore Yeo of 3, Kildare Gardens, Bayswater, died 12 December, 1923, to Emily Louise Gore Yeo, widow. Effects 520
Elizabeth 1924 Barnstaple, Devon Will of Elizabeth Yeo of 7, Wimborne Terrace, St George's Road, Barnstaple, widow, died 7 January, 1924. Probate granted to Alice Emily Yeo, spinster. Effects 126
Isaac 1924 Worle, Somerset Will of Isaac Yeo of 2, Brankcone Villas, Worle, Somerset, died 8 July, 1924. Probate granted to Harriet Yeo, widow. Effects 90
Lydia 1924 Bude, Cornwall Will of Lydia Yeo, of 18, Burn View, Bude, Cornwall, widow, died 9 July, 1924. Probate granted to Walter George Yeo, tailor. Effects 471
Thomas Farquhar 1924 New Zealand Will of Thomas Farquhar of Te Kala, New Zealand, died 25 March 1921 at Opotiki, New Zealand. Probate granted to William Walker, Launch Proprietor. Effects 600 in England.
William Henry 1924 Bodmin, Cornwall Will of William Henry Yeo of Mount Pleasant House, Bodmin, died 18 April, 1924. Probate granted to Charles Yeo, retired horse dealer & Grace Yeo, w/o Charles Yeo. Effects 5,544
William Noah 1924 Plymouth Will of William Noah Yeo of 40, Cecil Street, Plymouth, died 23 July, 1924. Probate granted to Charles Yeo, tailor. Effects 386
Annie Catherine 1925 Barnstaple, Devon Will of Annie Catherine Yeo of Sticklepath, Barnstaple, spinster, died 13 October, 1925. Probate granted to Mary Louisa Yeo, spinster. Effects 2,253
Annie Elizabeth 1925 Catford, Kent Will of Annie Elizabeth Yeo of Lyndhurst Culverley Road, Catford, Kent, w/o Erwin Henry Yeo, died 23 September, 1925. Probate granted to said Erwin Henry Yeo, buyer.
Elizabeth Frances 1925 Bridgend, Glamorganshire Admin of the effects of Elizabeth Frances Yeo of 22, Colum Road, widow, died 26 May 1925 at Caegawn Court, Colman near Bridgened, Glam to William Henry Yeo, land agent Effects 280
Frances 1925 Neath, Glamorganshire Will of Frances Yeo of 8, Victoria Gardens, Neath, Glamorgan, widow, died 12 July, 1925 at Longlands Nursing Home, Swansea, probate granted to Beatrice Mary Yeo, spinster. Effects 4,530
Henry Cannings 1925 Sutton, Surrey Will of Henry Cannings Yeo of Chalgrove Albert Road, Sutton, Surrey, died 15 February, 1925. Probate granted to William Richard James, solicitor's manager. Effects 5,078
James 1925 Griffithsham, Monmouthshire Admin of the effects of James Yeo of 30, Edward Street, Griffithsham, Monmouthshire, died 10 June, 1925, at Pontypool, to Eliza Ann Yeo, widow. Effects 1,707
John Thomas 1925 Uxbridge, Middlesex Will of John Thomas Yeo of 20, Victoria Road, Uxbridge, Mddx, died 24 February, 1925. Probate granted to Edith Douglas Yeo, widow. Effects 439
Sarah 1925 Cardiff, Glamorgan Admin of the effects of Sarah Yeo of 24, Llanbeddian Gardens, Cardiff, widow, died 4 September, 1925, to Sydney John Yeo, cashier. Effects 201
Thomas 1925 Exeter, Devon Admin of the effects of Thomas Yeo of 36, Parish Street, Exeter, died 2 Februay, 1925 to Mary Jane Yeo, widow. Effects 276
Thomas Richard 1925 Teddington, Middlesex Admin of the effects of Thomas Richard Yeo of 92, Victor Road, Teddington, Middx, died 2 September, 1924, to William Earnest Yeo, railway employee. Effects 400
William 1925 St Albans, Herts Will of William Yeo of 7, Thornton Street, St Albans, Herts, died 14 April, 1924. Probate granted to Mary Yeo, widow. Effects 241
Mary Ann 1926 Stratton, Cornwall Will of MaryAnn Yeo of Bridge Street, Stratton, widow, died 21 May, 1926. Probate granted to Frank Yeo, motor proprietor. Effects 100
Thomas 1926 Shirwell, Devon Will of Thomas Yeo of Town Farm, Shirwell, died 29 January, 1926. Probate granted to John Gould, farmer and John Henry Latham Brewer, solicitor. Effects 8,591
Thomas 1926 Little Torrington Will of Thomas Yeo of North Farm, Little Torrington, died 25 May, 1926, probate granted to Mary Elizabeth Yeo, widow. Effects 2,163
William Henry Baker 1926 Birkenhead Will of William Henry Baker Yeo of 11, South Hill Road, Birkenhead, died 5 August, 1926 at 56, Church Road. Probate granted to Herbert Charles JamesYeo, Lieutenant, H.M. Forces. Effects 473
Frank 1927 Exeter, Devon Admin of the effects of Frank Yeo, of 22, Little Silver Street, Exeter St David, died 4 November, 1927, to Bessie Alma Yeo, widow. Effects 218
George 1927 Swimbridge, Devon Will of George Yeo of Swimbridge, Devon, died 28 February, 1927. Probate granted to James Yeo, haulier and Eliza Yeo, spinster. Effects 192
Thomas John 1927 Orpington, Kent Will of Thomas John Yeo of Plymleigh, Irene Road, Orpington, Kent, died 7 April, 1927. Probate granted to Mary Ann Yeo, widow. Effects 2,032
Walter Douglas 1927 Chester Will of Walter Douglas Yeo of Elmcot, 7, Chester Street, Sallney, Chester died 21 January, 1927. Probate granted to Daisy Florence Yeo, widow. Effects 373
Sir Alfred William 1928 Westcliff on Sea, Essex Will of Sir Alfred William Yeo (Knight) of Leomington, Kings Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, died 14 April, 1928. Probate granted to Florence Jane Yeo, widow. Effects 7,737
Charles Edward 1928 Silverton, Devon Will of Charles Edward Yeo of Fore Street, Silverton, died 18 October, 1927. Probate granted to Elizabeth Ann Yeo, widow.
Edith Mary 1928 Mountain Ash, Glamorgan Will of Edith Mary Yeo of 68, Commercial Street, Mountain Ash, Glamorgan, wife of James Yeo, died 20 September, 1928. Probate granted to said James Yeo, confectioner. Effects 608
Ellen 1928 Bude, Cornwall Admin/Will of Ellen Yeo of Madura, Summerleaze Crescent, Bude, Cornwall, probate granted to John Henry Yeo, cabinet maker, Walter George Yeo, tailor and Ernest James Yeo, salesman. Effects 6,918
Ellen Furneaux 1928 Torquay Will of Ellen Furneaux Yeo of St Matthias Lodge, Torquay, died East Ogwell. Probate granted to Cecil Wollen, solicitor. Effects 4,478
Harriet 1928 Worle, Somerset Will of Harriet Yeo of Greenwood, Worle, Somerset, widow, died 27 October, 1928. Probate granted to William John Palmer,retired plumber. Effects 81
James William 1928 Sydenham, Kent Will of James William Yeo of 3, Tannsfield Road, Sydenham, Kent, died 26 August, 1928. Probate granted to Emma Webb Yeo, widow and Alfred Smith, foreman. Effects 7,923
Julia 1928 Plymouth Admin of the effects of Julia Yeo of Standerton, Seymour Road, Plymouth, widow, died 13 January, 1928, to Frank Russell Yeo, draper. Effects 396
Lucy 1928 Liverpool Admin with will of Lucy Yeo or Robinson, of 7 Iden Street, Liverpool, w/o James Yeo, died 18 April, 1927, probate granted to Louisa Robinson, widow. Effects 1152
Sophie Frances 1928 Plymouth Will of Sophie Frances Yeo of Russell House, York Stret, Plymouth, spinster, died 24 December, 1927. Probate granted to Percy Alfred Yeo, ironmonger's assistant and Annie Winifred Milner. Effects 1,581
Edith 1929 East Looe, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Edith Yeo of Fore Street, East Looe, Cornwall, w/o Charles Christy Yeo, died 24 March, 1929, to said Charles Christy Yeo, butcher. Effects 521
Eliza Ann 1929 Griffithsham, Monmouthshire Will of Eliza Ann Yeo of 30, Griffithstown, Monmouthshire, widow, died 22 February, 1929. Probate granted to William Yeo, blacksmith and Charles Rowland Yeo, moulder. Effects 1,791
Elizabeth Jefferys 1929 Swindon, Wiltshire Will of Elizabeth Jefferys Yeo of Marlborough Road, Swindon, w/o Daniel Joseph Yeo, died 20 July, 1929 at Park House. Probate granted to said Daniel Joseph Yeo. Effects "228
Rosina Elizabeth 1929 Finsbury Park, London Will of Rosina Elizabeth Yeo of 12, Wilberforce Road, Finsbury Park, Middx, widow, died 3 February, 1929. Probate granted to William Yeo and Frederick Sidney Gurney Underwood, esq. Effects 399
Samuel 1929 Tywardreath, Cornwall Will of Samuel Yeo of Elderfield, Tywardreath, Cornwall, died 29 March, 1929. Probate granted to Samuel John Yeo, motor engineer. Effects 1,185
William 1929 Stratton, Cornwall Admin of the effects of William Yeo of Pencroft, Stratton, Cornwall, died 17 March, 1929, to Alice Maud Yeo, widow. Effects 845
William 1929 Tiptree, Essex Will of William Yeo of Woodlands, Chapel Road, Tiptree, Essex, died 16 March, 1929. Probate granted to Ernest Llewellyn Poole, manager. Effects 3,635
William Henry 1929 Plymouth Will of William Henry Yeo of 58, Gibbon Road, Plymouth, died 7 September, 1929 at Bittaford, Devon. Probate granted to Lucy Margaret Yeo, widow. Effects 728. 17s
George Henry 1930 Lyneham, Wiltshire Will of George Henry Yeo of The Banks, Lyneham, died 5 October, 1930. Probate granted to William John Berriman Yeo, tailor & Edward James Yeo, wheelwright. Effects 569
Bertha Ellen 1930 Wembley, Middlesex Admin of the effects of Bertha Ellen Yeo of 25, Fernbank Avenue, Wembley, w/o Isaac Yeo, died 29 August, 1930 to Isaac Porter. Effects 255
Emma Webb 1930 Sydenham, Kent Admin of the effects of Emma Webb Yeo of 3, Tamsfield Road, Sydenham, Kent, widow, died 20 July, 1830. To Alfred Smith, miner and William James Palmer, solicitor. Effects 4,567
Josephia Mary 1930 Bethnal Green Admin of the effects of Josephia Mary Yeo of 32 Cheshire Street, Bethnal Green, widow, died 3 August, 1930 to Edith Josephia Yeo, spinster.
Norman 1930 Cambourne, Cornwall Admin of the effects of Norman Yeo of 15, The Crescent, Cambourne, died 20 January, 1930 to Rosetta Yeo, widow and John Yeo, sanitary foreman.
William 1930 Milton Damerel Will of Venn Green, Milton Damerel, died 13 November, 1929. Probate granted to Victoria Mary Yeo, widow and Ethelred John Fishleigh Sanders, tax collector. Effects 830
William 1930 Pilton, Barnstaple Will of William Yeo of Pilton, Barnstaple, died 14 February, 1930. Probate granted to William Yeo, farmer and William Edwin Pitts, solicitor. Effects 117


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