The Distribution of the name Yeo, Yew and Yea in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset in 1569 and 1641

I have used as my sources the 1569 Muster Rolls and 1641 Protestation Returns because they both include the names of all males living in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset at those times. The Muster Rolls were all men above the age of sixteen who were liable to serve in the militia and provide arms. The Protestation Returns recorded all adult male subjects who were required to swear an oath of allegiance to the crown. There was also a John Yewe in Wiltshire who was the progenitor of the Wiltshire branch of Yeos. He was probably the son of Thomas and Mary Beche, grandson of William and Ellen Grenville. He purchased land in Great Somerford in the late 1500’s. London has a few strays, but they can all be traced back to Devon.

The main ‘family seat’ of the Yeo family from 1350 – 1582 was Heanton Satchville in the parish of Petrockstowe (see blue dot) and most of the Yeos recorded in the 1569 can be tracked back to William and Ellen Grenville or William’s elder brother Richard (Yea/Yewe). The high density of the name appears mainly in North Devon/North Cornwall, the parishes on the south coast were odd Yeos who were probably mariners.

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